Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Few Things I Have Learned From "Pretty Little Liars"

  1.    People sure do drink a lot of coffee
  2.   Mom's are super skinny.
  3.   All high school kids wear designer clothes.
  4.   It's okay for high school teacher to have a fling with one of his students...if she's hot.
  5.   If you send an anonymous note to your frenemies make sure that you sign your name with the first letter in your name --A
  6.   When a "bad" guy starts chasing you in a church, DO NOT run UP the stairs to the bell tower.  There is a pretty big chance there will be nowhere else to run.
  7.  Thank goodness for cellphones 
  8.  Rich people don't own dogs.
  9.   Toby reminds me of Rip Esselsyn.  (google it)
  10. Don't wear you dead friends clothes, even if it is for a fundraiser.
  11.  It doesn't matter if you turn on a light, you can see just as well in dim or no light at all.
  12.  Never trust a shifty police officer. 
  13.  What would we ever do without texting?
  14. If I want to be a good liar, I should probably let my hair grow.
  15. Everyone needs a satchel two times bigger than her head.
  16.   Always, Always explore the basement of a hospital if given the chance.
  17. When told to walk more quietly use the comeback, "It's FINE!  Jenna's blind!"  umm?
  18. Apparently the best liar boyfriends have to have dark hair.
  19. If your dad leaves your family, don't worry, he'll most likely sleep over every now and then.
  20. NO ONE looks good in a candy stripers apron...well, maybe Spencer but that's it!
BONUS:  I'm predicting here and now that "A" really is Jenna.  AND that she spies on everyone through a small recorder inside those tacky stuffed animals.

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