Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have You Seen These People?

Tyler and Erika Senneff

I SWEAR they were here yesterday.  I saw them!
They were packing up their car.
They were cleaning up their stuff.
Where are they??
For the love of all that is me find them.

I am almost certain that

took her...

and him...


So, again, PLEASE watch for them in
their dark gray Mazda 3, driving across this beautiful USA, 
36 hours of pure roadtrip fun!
I really do appreciate it.
If you find them...please send them back to me ASAP!

The escapees from the front:

The escapees from the back:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is my sweet husband Terry's big 5-4 today.  If you want to know all the reasons
why I love (and like) this man click here.
If not, suffice it to say that he is:
•outstanding father & gramps
•(insert any lovable trait for a husband to have)

I love you Terry!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back To School Tomorrow

(that I can sing to sleep by the way! kidding!)...

To go back to those snotty nosed, loud-talkin', giggling, creative, adorable,
smart alecky, booger-eatin', energetic, etc., etc., etc., six year old first graders??
I love them and have missed them terribly.
(As for the others, I'll see them again too!:) )

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!

It's your birthday!
You're 34!
Wow!  Really?

Nephew Chad with his wife Shannon and a friend!

Little Chadney Bruce

I don't know why, but whenever April 14th rolls around I always remember my nephew Chad. Chad is the big brother of Kasz and Kyle whom I wrote about last time.  I was 12 years old when Chad was born.  I remember him as a baby and what a sweet little toddler he was.  He is my brother Bruce's oldest child.  As you can see from his sweet little face, he was a sweet little boy...until Tyler came a long.  (But that's a different story)

I remember how proud my dad was of Chad.  He took an extra special attention to Chad so, it made me notice him too.  Chad was an upstanding young man.  He earned his Eagle Scouting 
award.  He graduated from High School (Whew!)  He played sports as well.  

One of my favorite memories of Chad is how he loves dolls.   Cabbage Patch dolls to be exact.  Cabbage Patch dolls that are boy dolls named Leo.  Leo was Erika's very favorite doll of all time Leo was a cute little baby cabbage patch who went to the hospital and everywhere with her.  So, when Chad came down to Provo on his way to the MTC before his LDS fulltime mission, he had a little bit of fun with Leo.  Chad insisted that Leo have a place at the table at Olive Garden (the place we all ate for Chad's special mission dinner).  Then, later  he wanted to see what would happen if he put Leo on the ceiling fan at different speeds...that was hard on Erika to see her baby flying through the air...but a full on laugh fest for the rest of us!
Chad's Family

One of the things I admire about Mr. Chad is his diligence to work.  He now has a beautiful family (sorry, no updated picture).  I met Shannon here in Provo even before they got married.  I fully approved of her and thought she was perfect for my perfect nephew.  He started out working at Walmart.  NOW, through his stick-to-it-iveness he is a big wig in the company.  He and my bro Brian often talk "shop" about their managerial positions.

Chad, the Walmart man!

Chad has never been one to shy away from a good adventure.  Check out these pictures and you'll see what I mean.  He is also very witty and lovable.  Happy Birthday and your Aunt Tami loves you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kasz and Kyle

Happy Birthday Kasz and Kyle!

My cute little twin nephews!

These little gems are my twin nephews Kasz and Kyle.  Today, April 8th, they turn 26 years old.  They belong to my most suave and handsome brother...Bruce (Brian and Larry are just merely cute...sorry bros).  We were all so excited when we  heard that our family would be welcoming our SECOND set of twins.  (Brant and Vaughn had preceded them by just barely one year)  I just loved those little toe-headed blonde babies.  Absolutely identical and just as sweet as they could be.  Except for that one time....
I believe this was the activity the two boys chose during one of their time out sessions.
Ripping the wallpaper off of the wall.
(Coralee.  What did you do when you saw this?)

Cousins Brant, Sloan, Vaughn, Kasz (?), Kyle (?).
(I really couldn't tell them apart)

About Kasz:
I really only got to know Kasz as a teenager.  I was busy going to college and serving a mission for the LDS church when he was a baby.  But, like all of my nieces and nephews, he holds a special little spot in my heart.
Daddy Kasz babysitting

Kasz was quite the crazy man growing up.  I haven't seen him in several years but would imagine that (judging by his pictures on FB) he is still as fun-loving and crazy as ever...we LOVE  "crazy" in this family.  He has a lot of fun.  He loves to be active and "play". 

My favorite and most vivid memory of Kasz took place in a Lethbridge hospital.  He was a passenger in a tragic car accident 10 years ago.  He was in bad shape.  I was nervous to go into his room and see him.  I don't know why but I just was.  When he saw me, I saw his eyes light up through his bandages and scrapes and he called out "Hey, Aunt Tami!"  He put me at ease and, I know it was just a small gesture, it meant the world to me at that moment. 

Kasz has tons of friends and everyone likes him.  In particular...Brittany.  Kasz married her.  They now have two gorgeous children whom I haven' met yet.  I've seen pictures though.  Little ReNae is a princess and Liam looks just like Kasz (at least I think so).  Happy Birthday Kasz...if ever you read this.  Remember that your Aunt Tami loves you.
Brittany and Kasz
with little ReNae and Liam

About Kyle:
What to say and how?  
As I mentioned, I didn't get to know Kasz until he was a little bit older and since his twin is Kyle the same holds true for him.  Only, I didn't get that opportunity.  Kyle's and his sweet sister Randi's lives were shortened in a head on collision when Kyle was 16.  Kasz and Randi's little boy were in the car as well but survived.  Sadly, we lost our Randi and Kyle.  What a tragedy that was for our family.  Though I never got to know Kyle like I would have wanted, I love him still. He had so many talents.  He ran track.  He was an amazing singer.  I miss him.  I am so grateful for my faith and knowledge that I will see Kyle and Randi again.  Kyle, your Aunt Tami loves you.
The cutest little blonde headed fisherman EVER.
Just like his dad.

Singing in the LCI choir. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Friday: A Visit in Photos

In no particular are about 18 photos and one video from 
our fun afternoon with Spencer, Erin, Milo, Issy, and Keeler (our Colorado kids),
Erika, Tyler, and Melissa (our Provo kids),
and four dogs...yes, that's right, I said four.
Ali, Mac, Leo, and Oscar.
Here we go...

Our  (well, Erin's and Spencer's actually) new little boy Keeler.  What a darling boy.  He fit right in with the family.
He's got looks, personality, and a great sense of style (look at those boots!)

My favorite picture of the day.  Isabel and Ali.

Twin brother and sister, Issy and Milo with 10 week old Oscar the pug.
Oscar belongs to Erika and Tyler.

Oh my!  This little girl has found her new profession!  She was
honestly, AMAZING with all four dogs.  
From l. to r.  Leo, Mac, Ali, Issy, and Oscar.
(more to come)

Our new house mates!  Erika and Tyler have moved in for the month of April
before they head out to Connecticut for the summer.
I can't get enough of them.  They will be missed.

Oh dear me!  My little purplicious girl!
These were the new additions to the toy box.  Don't you just love the shoes?
I need some!

Look at this sweet boy.
We all love him so much already.

Grandpa Terry and Milo had fun dissolving the mystery sponges in hot water.

Won't she make the hottest little mother you ever did see?
Melissa with Keeler in her kickA leather jacket.


I love this picture of Issy and Ali.  

Doing what I do best!
I gave Milo a reading test.  He is BRILLIANT!  He scored a Level 3
(most first graders enter first grade at a a level 4!) and he hasn't even 
graduated from preschool yet!

Presh! ^  (with Oscar)
and   v (with Leo and Oscar)

Milo has figured out the way to his Grami Tami's heart!

Winking Contest Contestant number 1:  Isabel

Winking Contest Contestant number 2:  Milo

Winking Contest Contestant number 3:  Grami Tami
(please remember that I am recovering from surgery and that is why I look so grave!)

Spencer with Keeler.  Bored as usual!

This little gem had us laughing and laughing and laughing.  Grandpa Terry took some
time to teach Isabel how to obedience train Ali.  Issy was a natural.  She really was.  And, when she yelled "HEEEEEEAAAAAALLLL" it had us all giggling like loons!
It was the cutest thing ever.  
(I must apologize for my loud voice in this video.  I had no idea it was that loud...but I *was* closest to the camera!)

Milo even took his turn though he was absolutely scared TO DEATH of the dogs.  
But, he put on his bravery hat and did an excellent job too...
as you will see.
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