Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm In Love...

with my new nook.

{26 July 2010}

Friday, July 23, 2010

Why you should NEVER let your husband stop at a garage sale...

(oh...and...hide the ketchup as well!)

{23 July 2010}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going, going...gone!

One of my favorite activities at the reunion was the auction! I had no idea what kind a cash these things bring in! Wow! When Rhonda told me to "bring something for the auction" I thought, okay I'll take some of my homemade foot cream. That would be great. When I got to the reunion, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Those Canadians!! They never seem to disappoint. I'm not kidding. Here is a short list of a few items people (my silly relatives) brought to be auctioned off and what I *remember* them going for:
Scrapbook supplies, handmade jewelry...tons of stuff (Tansy I bought one of the necklaces for $5))
Hand crocheted blessing dress and bonnet (Brittney $30)
Giant garbage sized bag of movie popcorn (Tyler $10)
Coleman cooler full of pop (Chad $50)
Homemade aprons (Becky. I bought one for $3o. Darin bought 2 for $95)
Framed pictures of my mom and dad (Rhonda. $75)
Original lyrics to the "Coacha" song (by Vaughn and Joel...went for $45)
Several grab bags of my mom's stuff (Sarah put them together and they went between "free" and $20)
Rhonda sewed some gorgeous "church" bags ($20...I think)
Bows and headbands (Becky and Brittney...$15)
AND MORE! I'm drawing a blank. If you were there and can think of more things in the auction, will you PLEASE comment? Thanks.
Kid's rakes and shovels (Sarah)

Here are some lovely pictures from the activity. My brother Bruce was the auctioneer. Larry also helped but, he was so thorough that he went too slow and we had to replace him...sorry bro!

Bruce modeling MY apron.

Bruce showing that Rhonda's church bags could be used for more than
just carrying your scriptures to church...
feedbag anyone??

I cannot tell you how beautiful this apron is! I LOVED it
the very second that Becky brought it out for the auction table.
I set my sights on it and saved my allotted money to buy it.

I won it...$30!
The gathering is perfection.
There is even gathering around the green yoke at the top.

My niece Brandi showed up with Cory...her new boyfriend and MY
favorite non-relative at the party!!! I love him. I don't know why. I just do.
He is kind, generous, cute as a button...I could go on and on...but, that's another post.
I bring him up because, he bought the blessing dress (made by Brittany) for $30
he bought the VERY.LAST.DR.PEPPER in the place.

Larry showed up in his gigantic Elvis head.
He gave me that shirt.
It says: "Church Basketball: The only brawl that starts with prayer"

My beauties displaying the hole punches I bought for $10.
Erika has a crafting blog:
So, she needed them!

See...the whole set.

All in all, I only went $5.00 over my $40.00 pre-established amount at the auction. It was such a great event. Here's the BEST part: We generated $1075.oo. After all of the reunion expenses, we were able to put $537.00 in the bank for the next reunion.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meeting Liz (Deas). Lucky me!

One of the most rewarding things I have done in my life is joining Weight Watchers...umpteen years ago. Oh sure, the principles of WW have helped me over the years as I have struggled to be a healthier me. I can count "points" with the best of them. But, this is not why it is so rewarding.

As part of the WW regimen, they offer an on-line community where fellow WW can get together and discuss "stuff". I love it. You may remember my trip to Boston to participate in the Komen Race For the Cure. That was my GDT (General Daily Thread) team who got together through the WW boards. I have written about it before. I have "met" over a hundred new friends on line. I have also met many of them face to face. Not even one of them was WACK-O (okay, maybe one!).

One of my favorite pals on the WW boards is Liz. She lives in Calgary, Canada. She is one of those people who will keep you laughing and laughing. She's quick and witty...which I LOVE. She sent me a care package when I had my surgeries not too long ago. She sent my little first grade ducklings many box tops (I'm obsessed with collecting them) and she also sent a large package for my students full of stickers, flags, memo pads, candy (for me), and a couple of more things. See?? Isn't she great?

Well, while in Calgary last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Liz and her lovely daughter Keelin. Wow! Wow! Wow! I adore them. We went to an East Indian restaurant called "Nirvana". Holy cow! It was delicious. We had fabulous conversation. Once again, Liz brought me Canadian candy bars PLUS, there was some sneaking going on when she left the table to go to the "washroom" whereupon she paid the entire bill. Man, I love her.

Thanks again Deas! It will always be a wonderful memory.

Liz and Me

And of course...the food!

{July 15, 2010}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh Canada! My Family Reunion Part 1 of ?

The Family
Jim, Rhonda, Sarah, Brian, Sheila, Bruce, Me, Larry

After much debating whether or not to go to the first ever "Ray and Norma Leavitt Reunion", my decision was to make the trek to Canada. I am VERY glad that I went. It was a wonderful, wonderful reunion. I had so many experiences and feelings while I was there that it would be impossible for me to relate them all in one blog post. So, (if you are still one of my readers) I've decided not to stress out over it and post different episodes as they "come" to me.
Okay? Okay.

So, I will start off with a long list of everyone in attendance along with my memory of each one. Now, these memories will not be long, rambling paragraphs about each person but, rather, a little snippet that reminds me of each. we go:

Rhonda: Lactation Fluid

Jim: Gentle giant

Darin: Duct tape

Violet: My new best friend

Jenna: Beautiful

Jacob: Best hair ever

Tyler: Runs with water

Evan: So sweet

Cameron: Children’s games

Jodie: Calm and patient

Carter: Won Dad’s electric razor

Brennan: Very handsome

Makenna: Such a creative soul

Rylan: An active little three year old

Mike Loose: Self-propelled speed wagon

Gaby: I really was not peeking!

Joshua: Biggest dreamy brown eyes I’ve ever seen

Brian: Number one grandpa with his motorized horse.

Sarah: My sister!

Kelsey Wood: The Tremonton stop! HA!

Joel: Uriah Heep

Fiona: “WHO murdered me?”

Sydney: Carried her lemon lotion EVERYWHERE!

Jack: “shea shea” *respectful bow*

Taylor: My favorite “nurse”


Lily: “The BEST”

Alexis: Her roll down the stairs

Vaughn: Playing a “C” cord to save little Alex

Tasha: Water balloon CHAMPION!

Elina: Late to the party

Meagan: Sleeping peacefully on my shoulder…two days in a row!

Brant: $20 speeding ticket in Montana...his first ever!

Ariel: My Diet Coke buddy

Aiden: “Hi police! I’m 5!”

Ezra: Peacefully slumbering while all around him is chaotic

Gabriel: “WALL-E”

David: Loved watching him be a daddy

Tansy: Looked AWESOME!!

Holly: “I’m going to do the splits. And then….”

Daniel: One-handed ride on the motorized horse

Paige: Held her own amidst the other little girls under 3!

Keri: I loved her pregnant belly

Tim: One cool dude.

Kauri: Her little winged shirt

Brandon: I kept thinking he was Chad

Tia: Highly intelligent even while pregnant!!

Brycen: Sweet disposition

Jenna: My dance partner

Russell: All grown up! I can't take it!!

Heather: Has the Rebel camera I want and actually knew how to use it.

Rylee: I could have kissed her all day long

Bruce: Told me I was beautiful, and, I believed him!

Sheila: Partner in tears

Chad: “I’m Chad and that’s my Aunt Tami!” He boosted my spirits single-handedly. Thanks Chad!

Shannon: Last relative I saw (Costco)

Kelci: K-1

Jayden: I love this girl

Parker: Biggest greeting HUG ever! I'm pretty sure he remembered me.

Brookelyn: B-R-O-O-K-E-L-Y-N

Tyler: “Syndrome”

Becky: She made my favorite apron

Alexandre: “I’m going to need a piano”

Elodie: Sliding down a rainbow

Geoffry: Eduard

Eduard: Geoffry

Kasz: Fist shaker @ Melissa & Erika

Brittany: Talented crocheter

ReNae: Reminded me of her Auntie Randi

Liam: No eggs! No eggs!

Larry: Mini complex! Giant poster sized Aunt Tami

Brandy: Cute as ever

Cory: Brandy, if you don’t marry him then I want him!!!

Mike: Crazy

Melissa: Driver of the best surprise of my life

Erika: Passenger of the best driver to the best surprise of my life.

Me: Happily exhausted!

There you have it! All 77 people who attended from my parents. Amazing, isn't it?? I think so.

"The Best" little Lily and me!

These little girls were the life of the party!
Lily, ReNae, Brookelyn, Sydney, and Elina
{14 July 2010}

Thursday, July 1, 2010 it so wrong??

{01 July 2010}

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