Thursday, September 29, 2011

You know what bugs me?

Extreme Couponing.  It just puts me in a bad mood.  Something about it makes me want to punch those people in the face.  (I'm not a puncher either)  It seems sort of dishonest to me.  Like the extreme couponer is taking advantage of the business.  I'm all for home storage, but 300 containers of deodorant or 1000 bottles (yes, 1000) of body wash?  Really?

Am I just jealous?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Timing Is Everything!

Last Friday I had a very nice surprise.
I had just checked my teacher mailbox at school to find
a card addressed to me.
The first thing I noticed was the return address because...
it was MINE!
At first I thought that maybe Mel Rae had sent me a little love note!  


After much thinking a wracking my brain about why I had sent myself a card, 
I remembered that on my last CITES training in Park City, we each wrote a note to ourselves.
At the time, I thought it was a very weird activity.  
I'm here to tell you that it was one of the coolest things I've experienced.
Well, on a personal note, I have been struggling lately.  I'm feeling sluggish, chubby (Ha!).  I'm feeling really down on myself and exhausted since the first day of school.  In short, I've been having
a pity party for one that is going on way too long.

I need to change.
I need to pull it together. little card that someone at the meeting
had held onto since May, might just have me on my way.

Timing really is everything.

Oh...and I mailed myself a dollar for the day which will buy
exactly two cans of Diet Coke.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat, Drink, and Be Married! (The Wedding Luncheon!)

Right after the marriage at the temple and all of the photography going on,  we had
a very hungry bunch of people. 
Thank goodness for our dear Abbie who brought her camera and
was able to get some fabulous shots at the luncheon.  
Thanks so much Abbie!

We had arranged to have a luncheon "under the Sullivan treehouse" 
(that's the actual wording from the invite!)

It was absolutely beautiful!
We simply took several quilts, set up about four tables with a few chairs...for 
us "old" folks, but mostly we sat on the quilts, to eat lovely boxed lunches from
Apple Spice Junction and...wait for it...
Diet Cokes with Sonic pebbled ice  all around!

My favorite part of the luncheon (aside from the whole reason we were there...Melissa and Danny!) was my ever present and helpful daughters, Erika, Erin, 
Abbie, and Melissa who took over the simple decorations of over 100
pennant bunting flags.  (I sewed the last one at 1:00 am the morning of!)  We couldn't have had a beautiful looking luncheon without them jumping in to help.
Thank you.  I love you all for keeping me sane.

Danny's dad, Brian, gave a remarkable blessing on the food.  He asked for 
blessings to be on the new couple as they started their new life together.  
It was memorable and very sweet.

So, here you go again: more pictures to make you feel like you were there.
Maybe you were!
Hopefully you will feel like you were...if you weren't. (weirdo!)


It really was magical.

Oh boy!

We love our friends.

I love these pictures of the happy couple
swinging and having fun.
They looked so happy and that made ME happy.
Aren't they adorable??

This is a repost of my three girls.

Proof that I was there.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"A Place of Love and Beauty" (Wedding: Part 1)

Melissa and Danny
Married for time and all eternity
August 13, 2011

Oh what a day!  My oldest daughter wed Danny Sullivan in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  We worked and slaved over every detail of this wedding.  We giggled sometimes.  Sometimes we cried.  Often the color I picked for something was "off" and I fretted.  More often than not, our ideas were spot on.  The outcome was beautiful and amazing. (which will be forthcoming)  Everyone said so.  It was happy and special and lots of fun.

However, honestly, all of the preparations, the reception, the luncheon in between all pale in comparison to the wonderful, eternal, marriage ceremony.  Only the closest of friends and family are allowed to witness the union.  I know that the rest of the world may have a hard time with this aspect of our religion.  I am always astounded at those who truly understand about the sacredness of a person's beliefs and allows them to practice without persecution.  Just know that (as the title says) the temple is a place of LOVE and Beauty.  Only marvelous and joyous things take place there.  And this was definitely one of them.

As a mother, I cannot properly express the feelings I had to see my lovely daughter sitting in the sealing (marriage) room ready to become a wife.  I remember sitting beside her and looking around the room at those in attendance that meant so much to me in my life.  People who have supported me through so many things and now were there to support me as my Melissa was married.  People I truly love like:  My sweet youngest daughter, Erika and her stalwart and true husband Tyler.  My heart might as well have exploded in my chest looking at them and knowing how much they loved their sister Melissa.  

There was Terry, my strong rock of a husband who let me into his life to love his children who were also there:  Spencer and Erin and Abbie.  I love them as my own.  And knowing that his daughter, Melissa would be waiting outside the temple doors to meet us made me smile as well.  It was nice to see Terry's sister Becky who is in very poor health accompanied by his niece Liz.  Terry's family has always been such a supportive family to us.

Then there were my friends and family:  Kathe and Fred Torgerson, my best friend who bought me both my dress AND shoes for the wedding!  But, more than that, she has been a true sister to me.  I love her.  There was Brian, my brother and his wife Sarah (my sister) who came from Calgary, Canada to support my little family.  Their daughter Adrianne and their son Brant with wife Ariel were there as well.  I adore my family.

Then, as I continued my perusal of the room, I saw Melissa's friends who were instrumental friends who worked together with Melissa to remain "good" girls throughout their growing pains.  Lindey and Corbin, Ali and Warner.  Thanks for loving Melissa.  

Then there was Danny's family.  I looked at them and realized that they were the backbone of my new son-in-laws life.  They helped build his strength and love and respect he shows my daughter.  Linda and Brian and Danny's grandpa that I can't remember his name right now but love.  I felt so thankful for the way they raised their son and know she is in good hands for the rest of her life.

The ceremony was beautiful.  I cried.  But, if you know me, that isn't surprising.  I am including, oh I don't know, maybe 1000 pictures for my readers to look at at their leisure.  I just couldn't pare it down any more than I could.  So, enjoy.  But, be forewarned that there are lots of them.  

•Audrie peeking through the temple doors.
•The happy couple.
•Terry with Milo and Eli.
•Erika and Melissa
•Terry and Melissa
•The Groom
•The Bride
So beautiful and happy.

All of the children.
(I made those yellow dresses by the way!)

This collage cracks me up.  I mean, who wouldn't want to hug the bride?
So, beginning at the top left and going clockwise:  Olivia, Melissa, Kathe,
Sarah, Erin, Linda hugging Danny,  Mallory B., Melissa (yet ANOTHER one.  This one
will be Mel Rae's new sister-in-law!), Ian, Sean, Abbie, Mia, Daddio, Erika, me,
Isabel hugging Eloise,

The Littles in the Front:  Eli, Milo, Isabel, Olivia, Audrie, and Lyla.
The Center Row:  Grandpa Reynolds, Linday, Melissa, baby Collin, Sean, Brian, Mia
Brant, Adrianne, Ariel, Erika and baby Eloise, Danny, Melissa, Moi, Terry, Abbie, Elizabeth, Becky,
Erin and Keeler, Spencer, Melissa, Kathe and Fred.
Back Row:  Ian, Conner, Tyler, Richie, Corbin, Lindey with baby Nora, Mallory B., Ali, Warner.

My offspring (sort of):
Me, Terry, Melissa, Danny, Erika, Tyler and Eloise.

Terry's offspring mixed with my offspring makes one HUGE lovely and perfect family.
Oh how I love each and every one of them.
Front littles (again):  Eloise, Milo, Isabel (M and I are twins), Keeler, Olivia, Audrie, Eli,  and Lyla.
(Olivia and Lyla are twins as well!)
Back row:  Tyler, Erika, Spencer, Erin, Me, Danny, Melissa, Terry, Melissa, Abbie

Danny's, and now Melissa's, sweet family:
Brian, Ian, Mia, Danny, Melissa, Sean, Melissa with baby Collin, and Linda

Such an amazing morning.  I could live it over and over again.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Still Waiting...

I'm still waiting for the "official" pictures from the wedding and also for the
"okay" from Melissa to post them.

So, while I wait, I am going to do a picture purge.
Or as Erika calls it "a photo dump" 
of some of the pictures that have been hanging around on my phone and maybe a
couple of other places as well.

A man and his dog!
A dog and his man!

These are the lovely ladies I work with everyday.  My fellow first grade teachers:
Melissa and Frankie
(of course I had to stand by the little teeny tiny long and lean lady!  I love her still...even if she is skinny!)
My second life!

I had no place to put little Ellee when she fell asleep.
So, I used the little play doll bed my daddy made for me when I was four years old.
My name is even carved in the me...with a sharp knife...don't tell mom.

One of the many DIY wedding projects I made during the Summer.

Foot cream anyone??

Shopping with my BFF, Kathe.

Eloise is three months old!

I reeeeeaaallllly need these shoes!

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