Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Babysitter For Hire!

Terry Jack Anderson
Age:  54
Sign:  Taurus
Children:  Son, Son, Daughter,  Daughter, 
Daughter, Daughter
Grandkids:  Grandson, Grandson, 
Granddaughter, Grandson, 
Granddaughter, Granddaughter, 
Granddaughter, Grandson
Dogs:  3
Wife:  1
Profession:  Retired Power Co. worker

"The Man"

Your child will learn some "mad" dog handling skills

He'll make them lunch.
He'll feed them chocolate pudding with no supervision which usually ends up covering your child!  Who doesn't love to be covered in chocolate?

He'll fill up a plastic swimming pool with fish for them to "catch".

He has no problem changing a dirty long as you 
leave at least 15 wet wipes.

He'll build structures with your child AND teach him/her to sculpt
and paint amazing pictures.

He'll bring presents!

He gives lots of love and hugs...I LOVE those myself!  :)

He'll let you dress him up.

These two little darlings (Lyla and Olivia) got to spend about three hours with Grandpa Terry last Friday.  Their mommy, Melissa 1, came down to Provo to get her hair done and asked Grandpa Terry to babysit.  He had a ball.  They had a blast.  I've never seen Terry so beside himself with happiness.  Thanks, Melissa.  You made your dad's day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a Wicked, Wicked Step-Mother!

I forgot to post a birthday blog for my dear, darling, sweet, gorgeous, lovely, smart, funny, forgiving:), and all-around AMAZING step-daughter (who I think of as my sista/daughter)...
Melissa with her sweet little twin daughters, Lyla and Olivia.
I am truly amazed at what a great mother Melissa is to these girls.
She is doing everything right.
She is doing it alone and I personally know how tough that can be.
I admire her so much.

Here's Melissa with Erika and Tyler the night before E and T got married.
She helped us dip millions (ok, that's an exaggeration) of
strawberries in delicious chocolate!

All of my step-children at Erika's wedding.
Spencer, Abbie, Josh, and Melissa.
I love them each dearly.

Chilling with my sister/daughter.
(I drew this little picture as part of her Christmas present last year.)

I love you Melissa!  Thanks for loving me back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

One Day Late!

Happy Birthday to my nephew Tyler:
T...Talented.  This guy is an amazing singer.  I will NEVER forget his acapella version of the hymn "Be Still My Soul" at my mother's funeral.

Y...Youngster.  He's only 33!

L...Loving.  Every picture I've seen of him with his kids shows a loving father.  He adores his kids and his Aunt Tami!  :)

E...Entertaining.  He's a Leavitt.  What more can I say?

R...Remarkable.  I've always had a special place in my heart for Tyler.  He became a teacher for his profession.  Anyone who can go into a classroom full of students of any age, day after day after day is remarkable.  I know that personally.  Way to go dear nephew.

Tyler's children.
(Yes, that is another set of twins...for those keeping score!)

Below:  Tyler with his wife Becky
and darling children.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Now and Then

Twelve years ago on this day, my family looked like this:


Josh, Spencer, Melissa, Abbie, Melissa Rae, Erika.
Terry and Me!
(yes, I have black hair...don't judge me)

Kissy Kissy!


Now (actually last August) our family looks a lot different.  We now have:  Two new sons-in-law, one new daughter-in-law, four new grandsons, and four new grand daughters!  Whew!

The Kids
Abbie, Melissa, Melissa Rae, Me, Erika, Tyler, Terry, Josh, and Spencer

Kissy Kissy!

The whole gang:
Minus two...
Plus two!
(figure THAT one out)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There Are NO words... describe my darling granddaughter Audrie.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Worked WAY Too Hard Today...Labor Day!

I have only worked in retail once (well, now, twice) in my life.  When I was in high school I worked at the Cardston Pharmacy.  I wore a uniform.  I remember it was a baby blue "nursey" outfit.  I loved that job.  I stocked shelves.  I ran the cash register.  I talked to customers.  The only other thing I had to worry about was going to grade 12 and getting along with my mom and dad.  (Which, by the way, I did.  I loved my parents and growing up.  But, that's a different blog for a different day.)

Fast forward some 30 odd years.  I have been a teacher for 24 years and it is my passion.  About three years ago this October, I was walking through the mall with my daughters and we passed Bath and Body Works.  I have always loved that store.  Who wouldn't?  It smells good and has great bargains.  Anyway, there was a sign in the window looking for holiday help.  I thought "What the heck?"  I told the girls I was going to apply "just for the Christmas season".  HAHAHAHA!

I ended up being hired at a whopping $7.00/hour.  It was fun.  It was totally different from my school teaching.  I loved that it was physically demanding.  Who knew that retail was so physical.  PEOPLE!  Be nice to those people helping you in the stores you shop in.  (again...another blog for another time)  At best, I looked at it as my workout for the day.

Well, I kept getting promoted.  Now I've been there for three years and am a CSL (Customer Sales Lead) which is part of the management staff and making considerably more than $7.00/hour.  I really do feel fullfilled in this second job.  It is still so different from school.  BUT...after the past year of health issues, it is very hard for me to make it through a shift at the mall.  I'm practically the oldest employee (thanks Annette) and the busiest.  My body is telling me to quit but I can't.  I just can't.  

So, for now, I will continue teaching (my number one priority) AND selling people things to make them smell and feel great.

PS....the new fragrance of PS, I Love You smells great.  It reminds me of my mom and the vintage perfume Roses Roses.   Does anyone remember that scent?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Treasures in the Garage

The other day, Erika was visiting us and picking up some things out of the garage.  Now that she and Tyler have their own place, she thinks she needs all her stuff!  (I kind of miss all that "stuff" if truth be told)   Anyway, Erika brought in this ceramic jar full of all sorts of goodies she found out there.  Mostly the jar held coins but (as you will see) it held some other treasures as well.
I love this crock.  I bought it from Camille Cammack at her garage sale years and years ago.
It cost me 10 cents...what a bargain.

Here's my cash:
This cash will strengthen my relationship with the Diet Coke 
machine ate work!

•  One Tylenol
• Two Tiddly-winks
•  Four rings
•  Lip-shaped confetti from Erika's bachelorette party
•  Lulu purse charm
•  Two paper clips
•  One molar!  Yes!  A molar!
•  One button
•  One rubber band
•  One clip on earring
•  A screw
•  Two Altoids
• One Mexican bathroom token

And just think, all that in one little jar.  I remember filling my very first change jar about 11 years ago.  I told myself that when I collected enough coins to reach the top, I would use every cent to purchase all the bells and whistles to teach myself to quilt.  I ended up gathering over $60.00.  Now, my hobby is  flourishing.  All thanks to one little jar and painlessly dumping my wallet's change every day.

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