Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on the spilled beans...

Well, I (we) had the visit with the gynecological oncologist, Dr. Soisson, today.  Here's the update...

Terry insisted on coming with me to the appointment.  At first I wasn't so happy about that.  I'm pretty independent and wanted to go by myself.  I have to admit though, I'm glad he came.  

The appointment lasted from 11:30-2:30.  Of that time, I saw the doctor a total of maybe 15 minutes, went to the bathroom three times, and played around with the models of certain anatomy parts.

So, after visiting with the doctor, he examined me as per the normal procedure.  He discovered that I am carrying around a tumor on my left ovary.  The ovaries are suppose to be the size of a grape.  My tumor is the size of a softball.  (I love it when body parts are compared to food and sports.  I can think of several fruits to describe myself but we won't go there!)  He wants to get it out within the next few weeks.  He will go in through an existing scar.  Once it is removed, he'll check it under a microscope to see if there is anything to worry about...which there won't be!

So, tomorrow they will let me know if I'll be going under the knife on October 8th or October 15th.  As you can see, I WILL be going to Denver next weekend to participate in the Komen Race for the Cure.  You can still donate in my name at: px=146190&fr_id=1070&et=v_8kTxlCYT99R6j_R6PMrA..&s_tafid=17990

It's a great cause.

My sweet husband who is my rock.  However, if he keeps hovering over me and treating me like a baby, I may have to slap him upside the head. (and, I mean that in the nicest way)
Dr. Terry explaining the female reproductive system.
This may be upside down.
The cold, cold table.
I'm really not ready for this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Since Terry spilled the beans...

Here’s what I know so far…

Tuesday Sept. 16:

Went to the doctor for a recurring bladder infection (sixth one since February).  He decided to put me on a strong antibiotic for one week then on Macrobid (another antibiotic) for a month.  He felt like the infection just wasn’t ever fully dead. When I asked him for some pain medication for my back pain, he ordered a CAT scan “just to see what is going on with your kidneys”. 

Thursday Sept. 18:

CAT Scan

Friday Sept. 19:

3:15  Followed up on a voicemail to call my doctor for “some news” about the scan.Here’s the conversation…

Nurse:  Well, it looks like the CAT scan showed that you have a blockage of your right ureter and some kind of larger blockage in your left.  It looks like it has been caused by an enlarged uterus.

Me:  Great but, I don’t HAVE a uterus.

Nurse:  Huh?

Me:  I got rid of that in 1992 when it was encasing a basketball sized tumor.

Nurse:  Are you sure?

Me:  Yup.  I’m pretty darn sure.

Nurse:   Hmmmmm.  Let me get back with you.

3:30:  Call back from the nurse.  She handed the phone over to Dr. Clark and we had a similar conversation as with the nurse.  He was baffled.  I was baffled.  Terry wanted to have a baby (ya, right).  We talked about my hysterectomy.  He said that I definitely have a cervix remaining and what “looked” to be an enlarged uterus.  He told me not to get in touch with a gynecologist.  Then quickly corrected himself and told me to never mind.  He wanted to research this further. 

5:00:   Dr. Clark called me back  (I was in the middle of getting my hair highlighted so it was a big inconvenience!) He had consulted with a gynecologist and sent her images of the CAT scan and the report.  She seemed to think that, indeed, I didn’t have a uterus!  (THANK YOU!) Rather, when I had the surgery 15 years ago, the doctor left my cervix and a “remnant” of the tumor.  The uterus on the CAT scan is actually another tumor which has grown back from the original tumor.  This new tumor is crushing my little ureters (thanks to Erin I know the right name for these things), causing back pain and cramping when I pee.  Then making the urine back up into the kidney causing all the infections…Voila!  They could also see small fibroids within the tumor as well as cysts on my cervix.  In Dr. Clark’s words:  “We’ve got to get it out of you as soon as possible.”  The gynecologist and my doctor then referred me to the chief gynecological oncologist at the University of Utah Hospital who specializes in removing masses. (That makes me feel really fat)  He only comes to our area on Wednesdays so his office will call me on Tuesday to make the appointment.  I was worried if this new doctor was on my insurance.  Dr. Clark said  “Tami, if you were my wife, I would only want you to see Dr.  Soisson.”  I felt better about it after that.  Here's Dr. Soisson himself!  He looks a lot like a kid I went to Elementary School with...minus the moustache.

So I basically got an appointment to get an appointment.  That’s all I know as of right now (Mon.  Sept. 22).  It’s a lot of hoopla and drama. And if it cuts into my Denver trip next weekend, there will be Hell to pay.   But, when it comes right down to it, all I really want to do is pee!  I’d be so happy just to be able to do that like a normal person again. 

One more update:  I go to see Dr. Soisson tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30.  I asked the nurse what I needed to bring.  She said to bring my insurance card and a list of all my medications, including any vitamins.  I asked her if she thought I should bring my tumor.  I got a giggle out of her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"And...don't forget his milker!"

I love teaching!  I laugh every single day.  Let me share some artwork and a little poem from last Friday.  

"Purple Cow" is an annual staple in my first grade classroom.  We read the poem and say it over and over and laugh and laugh.  Then I have them draw a picture of their own purple cow.  I remind them to draw hooves, draw ears, that some cows have spots, and all cows have tails.  I always appreciate the child who reminds us all about the udders.  This year's gem came from Gabe who shouted "And don't forget his milker!"

The Finished Purple Cow Poem

The Lady Bug Cow

The "Three Legged Cow"
(at least I think it's a third leg)
I wonder what that hair is all about?

The Little Teeny Cow

The Llama Cow

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday Party X2


The Darling Little Twinners Turn the big 0-1!!
What a great party we went to last Saturday.  Melissa and Justin put on a big shindig at their home.  As usual the food was delicious.  On the drive up to West Jordon I was hoping and hoping that Louie (Justin's dad) would be there to cook the burgers.  He's a great cook.  Lucky for us...he was.  Those little babies were such excellent hosts of the party.  I took a turn playing with each of them at some point in the day.  It was the highlight of my day.

I loved all of the people who were there.  It was fun for us to visit with Dorie, Marcie, Grandma Cathryn, Royan, Justin's family, Cade and Stacy, Grandma Charlene and Hal, thousands of kids, Goldie etc...  I loved listening to them all remember the days in Richfield when everyone was a lot younger (and I was still a baby  Ha! Ha!)
Here are some pictures from the day.  We sure missed Issy, Milo, Eli, and Audrie...oh, and Curtis too.
There were three cupcakes with a 1 on them because little cousin Rachel turned 1 as well!  Who could ask for more than watching 3 one year old little ladies smashing birthday cake into their little mouths?? 
Wow!  Aren't they adorable?
Lyla with her bow from Auntie Erika and Uncle Tyler's present.
Grandpa Terry and Lyla
There was a gigantic blow up bouncing house and slide in the backyard.  What fun.  Here is Grami Tami with Olivia and Lyla.
Lyla's cute little jumping toes.
Royan, Auntie Melissa, and Lyla
Lyla wasn't so sure about the bouncing part of this blue thing.
Olivia was such a little daredevil.  She LOVED it in the bouncy house.
Auntie Melissa loves the darling twins.
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