Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Favorites

First: A picture of my dear old dad Ray with his brothers. From left to right: Uncle Deloy, Uncle Elvin, Uncle Harold, and my daddy. My favorite part of this picture is that my little dad is standing on a rock to be tall like his brothers. I love the hats, the shorts, the shoes...EVERYTHING!

My parents had this picture framed and hanging in their den when my dad passed away. I wanted that picture more than anything. I didn't get it but, I did get this little tiny one. I treasure it.

Second: Pictures of my mom's parents are rare. This is one of the few I have ever seen of them together. This is Fred and Ione Walburger. My grandma died before I was born. "Pa" died when I was 14 years old. After I got my ears pierced, he bought me an orange ferris wheel to keep my earrings organized. I didn't know him well. I wish I had. I am their youngest grandchild so I missed out on a lot. I wish I knew more about them.

Monday, March 29, 2010

He's The Man

We love you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Date With Melissa

If you know me well, I am definitely not a "cake" person. I'm more of cheese and salt kind of gal. So when Melissa tried telling me about this place called "The Chocolate"and how delicious the CAZOOKIE was, I only half listened. But, as she sometimes does, she kept tempting me and describing what a great place it was I finally just said "Let's go". And, we did.

The Chocolate is located in one of my favorite buildings in Orem. A few years ago I often browsed in a place called "Through the Grapevine" where they sold boutiquish items to make my life more lovely. Then it was a beauty/salon school. (Erika attended hair school for a while until it turned shady...that's another story) So, now it's a little, quaint, two story bakery. I loved the ambiance of this old house. If you're in the area, you should take a special I did!

Melissa and I shared this.
It was amazing.
A warm, straight from the oven, deep-dish, macadamia, white chocolate chip cookie
with ice cream and drizzled chocolate.

I ended up taking a mini pineapple coconut cupcake and one sugar cookie (amazing) home to least that was my intention. Turns out, I really DO like cupcakes and cookies!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jazz: 110 Celtics: 97 Us: FUN!!

Thanks to my best friend Kathe and her husband's boss (thanks Mike...even though you'll never read this), Terry, Melissa, and I got to attend the Jazz basketball game last night. It was a BLAST! We sat in one of the suites and were treated like royalty. So much fun. But, the best part was having one of my students, and Kathe's grand daughter, Chloe there too. She saved me a special seat right beside her since she got there first! The only thing that could have made the night better was to have Erika and Tyler there too. Erika was under the weather and Tyler had to go to school.

Just look at these fun pictures from a wonderful night!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Once upon a time...

...there was a grandpa and a grami. who lived with their daughter


One day, little Miss Lyla and Miss Olivia came over to play with their grandparents and aunt. It was a day that was full of fun and play. But wait, did this storyteller just say "day"? Hmmm...well, when you see all of the activities that this little family did together you would think it had been an entire day. But, it was really just a mere 2 1/2 hours! Just look at all of the things they did together. I think you will be very tired after you see ALL the pictures from the day. Here we go...

First, the day began with lots of hugs, kisses, and smiles of "hello". This was followed by some clapping games with Grandpa Terry.

OH MY! Look at Grami Tami with her attractive sunglasses (they really belong to Olivia who is giggling at her silly grami). Lyla looks away in disgust!

they got the lid off of the toybox as quickly as possible. Lots of treasures like: wonderous fairy sounds coming from the coveted wand, colorful necklaces, puppets, high heels, tea sets, and on and on and on.
Then it was CUPCAKE making time. Everyone had to have their own apron to wear. Lyla's was a colorful apron that Grami Tami got from Santa. Olivia wore and apron that Grami got from one of her students. Grandpa Terry's apron was one that Grami accidently:cough:on purpose:cough took home from her job at Bath and Body Works. And Grami wore a lovely blue apron that she got from her mum.
Everyone helped make the chocolate cupcakes. The little chefs measured, stirred, and spilled. It was glorious!
Grami Tami looked silly in Aunt Erika's glasses. Plus, she thinks she is looking more and more "grandmaish" and really needs to head back to Weight Watchers (but that is not part of this story so stop thinking about it!!!)

The Grandpa poured the hot water. Of course, he put a funny twist on it and made the little girls giggle and giggle. What a silly grandpa.

But...NOT as silly as THIS little doll:
and, THIS one too!

While the cupcakes were cooling, the grandpa and the grandgirls took a walk out to the mailbox to mail a letter for Aunt Melissa who was sending it to her friend in Afghanistan. It was a beautiful day, this first day of Spring. The little girls ran around in little circles enjoying the weather.
Grami Tami made sure to adjust the aprons so the girls wouldn't trip. Don't you think they're pretty?

At last, the cupcakes were ready. Everyone helped to spread the frosting and add the sprinkles or grated orange rind. Everyone agreed that they were delicious!
Just ask the little princesses. Only, they wouldn't be able to answer you because their mouths were stuffed with sugary goodness.

Next came a little coloring and writing in the sun streaming through the windows. Markers were the medium of choice for the little artists in training. However, when they realized how cool the colored pencils were, they couldn't get enough and colored even more!

Once all of the paper was colored, it was time to color ON the children. Grami took the little girls to the upstairs bathroom where they sat on the counter. Once there, they received makeovers. They fluttered their little eyelashes as the grami applied "makeup" to their eyes and rouge to their cheeks. And of course, what makeover would be complete without a manicure and a pedicure?? It wouldn't!

Boy, all of the festivities were getting very exhausting. Little Olivia decided it would be a good time to haul out a gigantic pillow, her blankie, and her apron for a faceplanted nap. A 15 second nap.

THEN...MORE FOOD! Everybody had a turkey sandwich.

AND, of course, Macaroni and Cheese! After all, it's a staple for all grandchildren. Isn't it?

Whether eaten with a fork, or straight out of the bowl, or even off your face, it's a delicious meal.

And, for dessert, everyone ate another CUPCAKE! Wouldn't you?

Then, there comes a time in every child's visit to her grandparent's house where exhaustion takes over. And, when it does, the eyes start to droop, the thumb comes out, and the glaze takes it's place in the center of big blue eyes.
That's when every grami and grandpa knows....
it was a very, very, good day!
And it was.

the end

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