Monday, August 30, 2010

I gave it away!

I have a very special friend at school. She does a lot of things for me, well, for everyone really. She works so hard. I am constantly amazed at all the things she does. I wish I were more like her. She works tirelessly and never expects anything in return.

Today she watched my class while I had a doctor's appointment. (My post-op annual...a very pleasant way to start my day...I'm okay!) When I returned, she had those children eating out of her hands. Seriously! I didn't want to take over, she was THAT good.

So...I gave her apron #4. The thing is, it felt really good to give away something I had loved making. Or, maybe it was giving it to someone who is so hard to repay!

I love and adore Kathy Hansen!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not To Be "Biased" But Apron #4 Is Adorable

I have learned a new skill! I can now make 1/4 inch bias tape. Miles and miles and miles of bias tape. Have you ever made your own? I kind of enjoyed it. First, you cut a 1 inch wide strip of fabric. Fold in half and iron. Then fold both edges into the middle making quarter inch folds on each side. Then fold in half again!


I was going to just buy it. In fact, I went to The Cotton Shop to do so. Once there, the words from my A is For Apron came to my mind "Purchased bias tape is like a TV dinner-cheap and convenient, but ultimately kind of bland." So, out of guilt, I made my own. Did I mention the miles and miles it seemed to be??

I love orange! I used it as focus color of this apron. I really like this one. My first bib apron of the lot.

Apparently my little model didn't want to show her face...but, wow!, look at those legs!!

The pocket...duh!
My favorite part of this picture is that Erika is wearing her Provo High t-shirt. Plus, I wanted you to see the results of those "miles and miles" of bias tape.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here it is...#3

I love this one! I took an old pair of jeans and made me this here apron. It is really cute. I didn't have a pattern but had seen a similar one somewhere on the internet and couldn't get it out of my mind. I was kind of sick of gathering, so I pleated. I think it turned out great. The problem now is...who gets it??

I wanted it to be able to tie in the front...
...and the back!

Pleats on the bottom!

Little pleats on the pocket!

Tell me what you think! The best part about this didn't cost me a penny. (unless you count the money I spent for the heavy duty needle.)


...for my model to arrive for the unveiling of Apron #3. It's really cute. Laters!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Apron #2...Twirl Girl!

Now, I have to tell you that this apron is cuter in person. I know it looks like a plain little apron with two different fabrics. Well, it IS two different fabrics...cute fabrics. However, when I first looked through my A Is For Apron book, it was this pattern that caught my eye and I knew I had to make it first. It really was my first apron for this project. But, as you may have noticed, last week I featured my school duck apron. That's because I made this apron for my BFF Kathe's birthday and I didn't want her to see it yet. She isn't really a ruffly kind of gal so I picked this one that has clean lines and is a little more her (hahahhhaha!).

The pattern is called Twirl Girl. It has six panels with a saw-toothed hem. It hangs really nicely. The sash is nice and long which makes a lovely bow. I love it. I hope Kathe does too.

This shot shows the saw-toothed hem.

I love the wide waistband.
(Aren't the flowers pretty? My boyfriend worked very
hard on the yard this year...bless him!)

Tyler likes it too. Or, maybe he just likes the girl wearing it!
Thanks, Erika, for being my model.
(Isn't she cute?)

TwIrL gIrL!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Twin Sister From a Different Mother!

hApPy BiRtHdAy!

This is my bff Kathe.
I don't know what I'd do without her.

She shares my love of laughter.

She shares my love for salt.

She shares my love for Diet Coke.

What more could I ask for from a friend!

(plus, she'll always be 10 years OLDER than I am!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apron number 1...It's Just Ducky!

As you may know, I teach 1st grade. I'm Mrs. Anderson and those little souls are my "ducklings". My classroom is everything duck. I have rubber ducks all over the place. I give them each a duck for their birthday. I even have an adorable, red, clawfooted, bathtub in my classroom where the "duckling of the week" gets to spend time reading and hanging out! I love it. I actually maintain another blog all about my experiences in the classroom throughout the year. You can find it at .

Which brings me to my first featured apron just like I promised. Every teacher knows how important pockets are! So, in thinking about my school apron, I knew I needed pockets. I needed ducks. I needed ruffles. And, I needed yellow. So, here you teacher apron for 2010-2011!

Look at those legs on that girl!
Thanks for modeling it Melissa Bee Bop Boop

I used the pattern for the Fruit Tart apron in the book A is For Apron.
Rather than putting bias tape around the outside, I put a large ruffle. I also added giant
ricrac above the pockets.
The original pattern had one big pocket but I needed more!!
So, I added some lines to make four pockets.
It is very cute IRL.

Pardon the blur...but, I kind of like it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Get Ready...

It's time for me to attempt a new "theme" to my blog for the year. (Remember last year I did all of my family's birthday posts?). This year (thanks to my sister Rhonda's suggestion) I am going to post "An Apron a Week". Yup! That's 52 aprons for your enjoyment...all three of you who read this blog!

I've been so very obsessed with aprons lately. When I went to my family reunion last month my sister, Rhonda again, gave me a cute little apron. Then, I bought a bibbed apron at our family auction which was sewn by my niece-in-law, Becky. I made it my quest to start sewing aprons. So, get ready...they're coming. I'm planning on posting my finished apron for the week each Sunday morning. Okay? Then you can critique it and tell me what to do next time.

So, this week I just wanted to share my apron book I purchased:

I love this book. It has 25 different aprons to choose from. If you love aprons, buy this book. Even if you don't sew. It's just fun to look at.

{02 August 2010}
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