Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lost and Found

Would the little owner of this...

kindly return to my house to pick it up.

If you do, I PROMISE to:

take you shopping
•  let you play with
 the American Girl dolls
 • fix you a scrumptious sandwich
•  secretly feed you something that isn't "good" for you (shhhhh!)
paint your toenails
take you to the playground
do some arts and crafts
clean your glasses
find something that smells good from "The Closet"
take a walk with Leo
and, most important of all...

•  read you as many books as you'd like.

Come back soon.  I miss you Issy!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are You Kidneying Me???

It's taken me a week to finally make this post.  If I hadn't been in shock and awe over my doctor's visit last week, I would have been able to post it then.  So, here is another installment in my medical saga for the year.

I went to my 3 month follow up visit with my urologist, Dr. Platt. (remember that name)  From the beginning, Terry and I were a bit worried about waiting so long after surgery to check to see if my kidney and ureters were doing their jobs.  But, Dr. Platt said it was "standard".  He's a doctor, right?  So we trusted him.

So, at the appointment in his beautiful new facility in the brand new Central Utah Clinic, Dr. Platt came in and looked over my report on his state of the art computer.  He then became a bit put out that I hadn't had an IVP Intravenous Pyelogram.  Like it was MY fault! So he arranged for me to "run downstairs" and get one done.

If you didn't check the link out, an IVP is similar to a CT scan but doesn't take the pictures in a 3D fashion.  The technician took an x-ray of my renal (that word sounds so nasty to me) area before the injection.  Then they insert an IV and squirt the same liquid as a CT scan...a water soluble iodine to show the inner structures of the urinary tract (kidney's, ureters, bladder). *Let me just insert here that I LOVE the feeling of that stuff when it goes in my body...I wonder if that's what getting high feels like, if only for a split second?*  Then the tech takes photos every 20 minutes as the solution passes through the  urinary tract.  No big deal.

(this is not me)

(This is not me either)
This is an xray of a functioning urinary tract.  The top white splotch are kidney's, the white lines are the ureters, and the white bowl at the bottom is the bladder.


Once I was back upstairs to Dr. Platt's office, he came in and called the Radiologist.  Once he got off of the phone he turned to me and the following conversation took place:
(please know ahead of time that I AM NOT LYING about what took place.)

Dr. Platt: Well, there's good and bad in all things.  Let me start with the good news...

(Just so you know, I had seen the x-ray in the IVP room.  The technician let me look but didn't, of course, make a diagnosis.  But, it was pretty obvious what the outcome was so I was interested to see what Dr. Platt had to say.)

Dr. Platt: The good news is that Obama is the president.  Which means, we will be in Iraq longer.  Which means, the world will end sooner.  Which means, Christ will come to the earth sooner.

Me: WHAT????

Dr. Platt: The bad news is, your kidney is not functioning at all and there is nothing we can do surgically to repair it.  

Me: Are you going to take it out?

Dr. Platt: No.  We just leave it in there until it produces stones or multiple infections then we'll remove it.

Me: What do I do in the mean time?

Dr. Platt:  Well, when you're driving your motorbike over a cliff, just think "What did Dr. Platt say?  Oh ya, land on your right side because if you land on your left side, you'll end up on dialysis."  

Me: WHAT???

Dr. Platt: Take care when you play extreme sports...blah, blah, blah...people live with one kidney all the time...blah, blah, blah.

...and on and on.

I honestly was in shock.  People ask me why I didn't ask him more questions.  I was just in shock.  For one, he was such a dork in everything he said.  For another, I was upset about the fact that I didn't really even need to have the surgery in March.  I had even more kidney function before that surgery (30%) than now!

I'm having a hard time recovering from these surgeries.  I'm exhausted all the time.  I'm out of shape.  I'm just not well.  I really need to change some things with my health so I don't turn into an old lady before my time.  I'm a mess.  Thanks to everyone for supporting me through EVERYTHING.  I'll get better.  I'll be myself again...I have to be.  I have a family and a class of first graders to take care of, plus myself.  I know it will get better, it just has to.

Good bye my friend!

(just be forewarned that if my friend Kari reads this, she may have a few choice words to say...that's just Kari.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Larry!

Unky Lar
(July 23)

I have three wonderful brothers.  The oldest is Brian.  He is the patriarch of our family now that our dad has passed away.  We look to him for wisdom and strength as a family.

  Then there's Bruce.  He's my brother with a spirit as big as they come.  Bruce keeps me, personally, grounded and "real".  He is intelligent and funny. 

  Then, there's my brother Larry.  
He has created a brother category like no other.  It can't be matched and is incredibly hard to describe.  Larry is one of a kind.  Everyone who knows him, loves him. 
I would venture to guess that every, single, solitary niece and nephew adore Larry and feel like he or she is his favorite.

One of our favorite forms of communication (since he lives in Canada and I'm way down in the states) is through Facebook.  I have been asked many, many times who DaCoacha is and 
"Does he really talk like that?"

Over the past year, I have kept a list of DaCoacha's wisdom as evidenced through his many Facebook status updates.  I hope they will help you understand him a little bit better...and when you figure it out...please inform the rest of us!  :)

Here we go:

Larry's views on sports:

is wonderin if kobie really is a dork ..

thinks it's all over but da cryin and cryin . It's such a shame ..but u need to play better than da other team to win ..

s glad he still had da snow shovels out and Kobie still makes me wanna barf ...

want's to personally thank da Magic for sucking so bad that they let those pansey laker girls slap their way to a phoney win again, also what is wrong with Van gundy for not using someone to block Fishers horse shoe up the butt shotz ?? Kobie can throw elbowz and it's ok ??sooorrryyyy butt i must stop...

Larry's views on the weather:

is da wind may it blow and blow till it stops

said that he needs someone to do his business taxes for him ..or there may be a poo poo tornado ..

is glad it is snowing and -30 heck back in da day it was like dat all da time waitin for da school bus.......

s wishin it would warm up a bit so da flowers will be happy and spring trainin can begin..

Larry's thoughts about himself:

is just finding it hard to be humble when he is perfect in every way.......

is goin to work to support his spending habits..........

is just poking himself......

is all black on the outside but is really white smiley on the inside..

is doin what is none of yor beeznez sa....

is hopin his little sister is feeling better...(awe...thanks bro.)

is hopin Tammera Jean starts feelin better and hopes he gets da clothes folded

has just watched some of twilight and has just become a little bit Gay but that's ok ..

is hopin he can be a good boy for a while instead of being a shitidiot ..

s missin taco salad @ Donna's again .......... 

saw Elvis in da complex and is scared really scared ..I'm hopin Michael doesn't show up 2 ..

Larry's thoughts that mystify me:

is thinkin not @ all ..

is sorry he used balls instead of nuts ..

is inder but not over in der ...

is nick like a nake.....

s hooooddoooin da wooooddooo 

Happy Birthday you goofball!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays!

I really never realized how many family birthdays are in July.
One of my children told me that it would probably be better if I didn't 
get so "mushy" about all the people I write about.


Today is my niece Brandy's birthday.
I love her.  I've always loved her and her marble-sized eyes.
She's an artist (see above).
She's fun.
She once threw a pair of "grandma sized" panties onto the stage at a Tom Jones concert.
This girl knows how to make the most of life. 
Just look:

Brandy in her hat.

Brandy all fixed up and fancy in her mature leather jacket.

Brandy the zombie.

Daddy's girl.

Brandy in her striped shirt.

My Brandy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keri the Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to my adorable niece Kerilee Talbot Burton.
Keri is my sister Donna's youngest daughter.
I have always loved this little girl.  I was spending time in Malad with Donna on the day
Keri was born.  I loved her from the minute I saw her.

I remember toting Keri around like she was my own child and knowing that someday, I'd have a little girl just like her.  

I know many secrets about she'll worry about which ones they are. (sorry Keri!)
As you can see from the picture above, she has a beautiful baby of her own now.  
Last year she brought Kauri to Erika's bridal shower.  I loved watching her
with her little girl.  She is an outstanding mother.

She is also very brave:

Have a happy day my dear!  Come down and see us.
I love you! 

This is my favorite picture of Keri.  I took it with me on my mission.
Speaking of which...she was the only 
niece or nephew who even wrote to me while I was gone.

Keri and Steven with Grandma Leavitt.

What's not to love???

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today Is Joel's Birthday!

you will have to look at this picture of Joel and his daughter (Sydney)
until I can locate the "real" birthday tribute to him!

I'm counting on Brandy to round it up.

Until then...

Happy birthday Joely poo!

I love you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Post Father's Day Post

Pa, Dad, One Husband, Sons-Who-Are-Dads, and one Dad to be!!
(that was NOT an announcement)

I meant to write a special Father's Day post but had other things that needed done.  
I just want to say that I love the men in my life.  I really do.
My grandfathers raised wonderful children (and grandchildren!)
My Pop was the greatest father a girl could ever have.
My brothers are amazing fathers.  
My stepsons are unbelievable Dads.
And, I know for a fact, that my son-in-law will raise marvelous children. are a few pictures of the men I adore.
Thanks for being the outstanding fathers you are (and were).

This is "Pa".  That's what we called him.  His name is Fredrick mother's father.  As you can see, he was quite old when I came along.  I'm his youngest grandchild.
I remember his calm spirit and his love for apple turnovers.
He bought me my first set of earrings.
A darling man.

This is my dad.  I cannot express what an influence he was in my life.
I have blogged about him before and could go on and on and on......
He was the most spiritual man I ever met.  I was very lucky to
have him in my life and can't wait (but I will!) to be
reunited with him someday.

Dad at the Paulsens for our annual pie making event 
where we always assembled over 100 pies to freeze.
I'm sure all of Dad's grandkids would agree what a fun grandpa he was.
I miss his dollar for the day.

My best man Terry.  It was my lucky day when I found him.
He and his four children truly completed my life and my 
daughter's lives.  He is a man without guile.  He never holds a grudge 
no matter what.  He is forgiving and kind.  
(again...I could go on and on)
If you have met him, you understand.

This is Josh and Royan.  Josh is Terry's oldest son.  I have always admired his commitment to fatherhood.  He loves his son...and his nieces and nephews.
He has a lot of love and caring to go around.
Plus, he has a great sense of humor:
 (eg.  he proudly wears a pink Sarah Palin t-shirt)

Spencer with his three children.
Spencer is Terry's second oldest son.
He has his father's quiet strength.  He's a great father.
This picture says it all.
So does this one... 

This is Forrest.  He is Abbie's husband.  He's the daddy to Eli and Audrie.
He is brilliant and talented.   
We appreciate his commitment to provide for his family.
He'll be a doctor some day you know!

And finally...
This is my son-in-law Tyler.  He's not a father YET. 
But, when he is...I have every confidence that his children will be the luckiest
children on Earth.  Great Daddy.  Great Mommy.
Great Grami Tami (haha)

If you are intrigued by these great men, 
you can read more about them in their (or their wives) blogs:
Spencer and Erin:
Forrest and Abbie:
Tyler and Erika:

Friday, July 3, 2009


Here's my oldest brother.  His name is Brian Ray Leavitt.  Named after my dad.
If you know me, you know how much I adore and love my daddy.  In my eyes, my dad was the most amazing, righteous, peaceful, fun, and perfect man I ever knew.

Now that my dad isn't alive anymore, my brother Brian takes his spot.  Seriously.  He is my hero.  He is a spiritual giant and I look to him as the leader of our extended family.  Without him, our family unit would not be what it is today.

I love you brother!  Thank you for holding us all together through thick and thin.
In my eyes, you are every bit as amazing as Dad.
(And that is the best compliment I could give anyone)
Happy 57th Birthday Brian!
Here's Brian with his head cut off.

Brian showing a lot of leg!  
Love the high-water pants Mom made you wear.

Brian and Sarah with their awesome children (five sons and one daughter) and spouses.
L to R:  Brant w/Ariel, Taylor w/ Natalie, Brian w/Sarah,  Adrianne w/Dan, Sloan w/Naomi,
Back row:  Joel w/Fiona, Vaughn w/Tasha

My favorite picture EVER! 
Brian and Sarah with their "happy" grandchildren!

Brian and Sarah (She's pretty amazing too)
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