Sunday, April 13, 2008

From a Wicked Step Mother

           Spencer teaching his son the "finer" things in life.

  This is Spencer jumping on Leo to catch that speedy dog...thanks for the rescue!

  Spencer's graduation in Psychology (?) with Issy, Milo, and his gorgeous wife, Erin.

For those of you following my blog, you know that it is a blog about the people I like.  Spencer is one of those people yet this is a strange entry for me to add.  So...

Spencer is my step son.  He is my husband Terry's second born son.  He is tall and handsome (that's okay for me to say isn't it?) and he is in excellent physical shape.  He works hard and provides for his family.

Spencer and his family live in Colorado near Denver.  He finished out his schooling there and now has a great job helping the youth with their various problems.

This is where it gets tricky.  I'll always remember the first time I met Spencer.  Terry and I had just dropped Abbie off at her house after a visit and Spencer and Erin just happened to be there as well.  I met him then and remember thinking "He seems really nice."  And he was.  The more I got to know Spencer, the more I realized that he really was the glue that held Terry's children together after his divorce from their mother.  Spencer seemed to gather the kids and rally around them for whatever they needed.  That was very impressive to me.

Then, he married Erin. I give my full respect to any man who can pick such a great wife.  He treats her very well.  They seem to be made for each other.  Spencer is an excellent father.  I am most impressed with how he helps Erin with the twins.  It's like a little dance where they each know what the other needs.  I love how he loves his children.  He's a good man.

My relationship with Spencer is a strange one.  We are both a little sarcastic and do a lot of "ribbing" toward each other.  I think we take it in good faith and get along well.  I know that he hates pineapple served with anything that has meat and I know that he loves sushi and would only buy and eat organic foods if he could.  I like that.

I also like that he loves to rock climb.  He even built a rock wall on a wall inside their house!  It's great.  When I took the twins to the park, they both said how they were climbing "just like daddy"  They adore him.

He is a good daddy.  I appreciate that he values my "teacher" opinion and asks what he should do next now that they know their letters and sounds.  They will be the smartest kids in town.

In short, Spencer feels like a son to me.  I never had any boys but if I had, I'd want them to be like Spencer.  Kind, athletic, nurturing, sarcastic, humorous, and many more thing which Spencer demonstrates.  Anyway, I do like and love Spencer.  He has mad a big difference in my life and I thank him for sharing his dad with me and letting me be the "wicked step mother" that I always dreamed of being.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Brother Da Coacha

My brother Larry is quite the guy
He makes me laugh, used to make me cry.
Seven years older than me and yet
He seems younger the older he gets.

Larry's da Coacha of our family team
His nephews worship him so it seems.
And, as for me, I've always thought
That my bro Lar loves me a lot.

He's crazy and silly and ever so strange
That's why I like him, he'll never change.
I hope he remembers and finally let it rest,
But, brother, Mom really did love ME best.
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