Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Brother Da Coacha

My brother Larry is quite the guy
He makes me laugh, used to make me cry.
Seven years older than me and yet
He seems younger the older he gets.

Larry's da Coacha of our family team
His nephews worship him so it seems.
And, as for me, I've always thought
That my bro Lar loves me a lot.

He's crazy and silly and ever so strange
That's why I like him, he'll never change.
I hope he remembers and finally let it rest,
But, brother, Mom really did love ME best.


Melissa said...

I really had no idea you had a brother Larry.... If he is the coach does that mean you are the cheerleader?

Tami Anderson said...

Larry is the brother that scared the crap out of Abbie when she came to Canada with us.

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