Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Family of Dips!

Advance Warning:  Cherry dipping is NOT the same as skinny dipping.  In fact, eating said chocolates results in less skinny dipping!
Last Friday, our family spent the evening dipping cherry chocolates.  This is a yearly tradition ever since my mother-in-law taught me the fine art over 10 years ago.
Now she is no longer with us here on earth but her candy making lives on.
Here is a beautiful picture of the end results:

We made almost 200 of these beauties. 
Plus, we dipped almonds AND homemade caramel. (another Christmas must have)

Here's Erika and Tyler along with our little helper, Ali.
He just jumped right up and put his paws on the counter like he was ready to help.

Here's Terry teaching Ali to wrap the fondant around the cherry.
I think he just wanted to eat it!
(oh, and there's Melissa in the background enjoying some homemade caramel)


Abbie said...

okay, no more posting about christmas! and chocolates. and grandma neen. you're killing me. i want to come right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Sniffle. So sad we're not there. :( Or that you're not here. Any chance you're mailing some of those goodies to us? ;)

2tontansy said...

I'll be watching my mailbox for a package of Cherry Chocolates from Dave's favorite Aunt Tami!!! Can't wait...

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