Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm So Done!

So, here's the update on my kidney issues...

Monday before New Year's I had a Lasix Renal Exam to check out how the old girls were functioning.
Said exam was read by Dr. Lee (my surgeon who order
ed the exam would not be in until the following Monday) who is a urologist.
Dr. Lee ordered a comprehensive panel of blood tests under the assumption that I was suffering from Hydronephrosis which is an obstruction in the ureter which causes an enlarged kidney (see the diagram below).

Dr. Lee sent me back to Dr. Soissen.
At this point I was getting ready to pack my bags for surgery.
Today I met with Dr. Soissen.  He was concerned.  I have 70% kidney function in my left kidney and 30% in my right.  He wants to try two more procedures before digging back in.  So, he sent me to Dr. Platt, a urologist.  He told me that Dr.  Platt would "snake a catheter to explore the bladder and kidney"  Ewwwww!
I went to Dr. Platt's office fully expecting to be examined and "probed".  Basically, I sat in his office.  He read my report.  Asked me some questions and told me that Dr. Soissen overreacted and he set up a meeting with him in February.  He'll put me to sleep and do some looking and repairing.  (Feb. 21)

I'm confused and disappointed that I don't have more answers right now.  I thought today would be the day but the saga goes on, and on, and on.....


Erin said...

Oh now that is annoying! I hate it when doctors openly disagree--and especially about something so life-altering! Arrrgghhh. Well, I'm sorry you didn't get a more definitive answer but I guess we'll just breath a collective sigh of relief that you're not having surgery. Yet. Or maybe at all??

Kari said...

What a crock of shit! I'm pretty sure something needs to be done sooner rather than later to save the kidney. I'm no doctor but if it isn't functioning properly something should be done before Feb. 21st.

When you want to scream, call me and we can scream together. I'm not having nearly as smooth a recovery as first thought.

emlizalmo said...

Uuugh...I am so sorry.

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