Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Is My Valentine

Yup!  It's my dear husband Terry.
I could make a list a mile long about why I love him but, this ONE simple act of sweetness should be evidence enough.

The other day I came home from school with a thousand stories to tell Terry.  This child threw up.  That child said something hilarious.  Another told me a heart-breaking story.  And, yet another, called me "Mom".
Terry listened patiently (as always).  We went about our evening.
Later that night, as I went to bed, I found an envelope on my pillow 
(pictures to follow).
On the outside of the yellowed envelope with the dog-eared corners was my husband's name:  Terry J. Anderson

Inside the envelope was Terry's promotional certificate to first grade.  Clear back in 1961.
(For the record, that was two years before I was born!)
On the other side of the envelope he had written:
"I sure wish I would have had a hot 1st grade teacher like you.
Love you

I ask did I get so lucky?


Erin said...

That, is quite possibly, the cutest thing EVER. (Oh and the word that I just had to verify was *KNARD*. That is maybe the FUNNIEST thing ever.)

erika @ life unfluffed said...

This post is sweet. I liked it.
You guys are just so cute. I love you!

emlizalmo said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. My eyes are watering. I may cry if I actually got to meet him. For the are pretty wonderful too. I thank my lucky stars every day that my girls got a hot first grade teacher. :)

Keri said...

Awe, how sweet! What a creative idea...

Mel said...

first... how did he find his first grade certificate? did mac or ali sniff it out for him?!

oh how i love this story. i will tell it to my kids and their kids.


Brittanie said...

Tender Precious!!
What a good post and thing to cherish! =)

Janett said...

After you were telling me about this post today I remembered that I did read it and thought what an adorable and thoughtful husband you must have. I didn't say anything because you know when you say you haven't done something but then your realize you have and then you feel dumb for not saying you did it in the first place. Well, that was me and I already feel like a geek most the time so I thought I'd save myself further embarrassment. Seems I already had a funny story told about me this week anyway, something about seeing someone at the mall and telling her I was there to buy bra's in front of her kids. Only problem is I'm old and have short term memory loss so I don't remember doing that;)

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