Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birtday to the Dingles!

Vaughn and Brant

Twenty seven years ago my brother Brian and Sister-in-law Sarah 
provided our family with a lovely
set of twins and named them 
Brant and Vaughn.
Since that day 27 years ago today, everything has changed

I've loved them since day one.  
I have witnessed them being kind and gentle husbands 
as well as patient and loving fathers (just like their dad and his dad)
 I truly admire their confident parenting.
But, the most incredible personality traits they possess is to be absolutely 

I tried to find at least one picture of each of them 
to post here that was 
serious and thoughtful.  It was hard but I found one of each.

Here's Handsome Brant with Ariel and his own set of
twins (yes that's right!).  They actually have another son
but I don't know where he is in this picture...probably just a little thought in Brant's head at this point.

Here's Vaughn with his wife Tasha and daughter Elina.
They also have one more
 little girl named Megan.

I'm writing about them together because they are just a packaged deal.  
When I hear they will be visiting, I get so excited because I know it will be a blast.
Just take a look at all 
Vaughn showing off his "dicky" 
Vaughn teaching Elina the finer things in life.
Elina's revenge!
Brant (red pants) and Vaughn (green pants) 
Karaokeing it up!

Brant's twins didn't like Santa much!

Brant teaching his son the finer things in life.
(mmmmm....much like Vaughn)
Vaughn graduating from the University of Calgary.
Now that's just WACKY!

Together earlier this month at Adrianne's for Brant's graduation from University.

Dressing as twins cracks me up everytime.

My dear nephews, I love you both.  We have many memories to share.  Your missions to Russia and Lithuania come to mind.  (Thanks for the plate from Riga, Vaughn.  Thanks for nothing from St. Petersburg, Brant)
And the time you lived with us Brant will be a fond memory forever.
  I just love you two and expect great things from you both in the future.

Live long and prosper.


SarahSloanLeavitt said...

Yes, I read your post the day that you put it up. I love what you do with this blog. I do read it but I just never have commented before. I truly did not understand the rules of blogging! (In fact, this is my second attempt at this comment because I did something wrong the first time) I think that you captured the boys marvelously. "Dingles" and "Dip Sticks" were terms of endearment given to them by their Uncle Larry, ironic, huh? You were right, they were great boys and wonderful men. Thank you for your terrific efforts in supporting the family with your blog. Love you...secretly wishing I were you....Sarah

Ariel said...

Thank you Aunt Tami that was very nice of you. I adore being with you and Terry and thank you for getting me started while living here. Love you very much.


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