Saturday, October 3, 2009

Accident Prone

I realize that it is time for me to admit that I am one of those people 
who are just plain and simply,

On Thursday I decided to wear a pair of my favorite shoes to school. 
They were so cute and fashionable.  I love wearing them.
Here they are. 
There is nothing like a child's honesty to bring me back down to earth from "Big Headed Heaven".  I was promptly told by several students that I was wearing 
"Witches Shoes".

They were right too.
They turned out to be evil!
As I was walking down the hallway before lunch ended, I kind of slid a bit.  Then I was in a full on skid down the hall.
Rather than just falling down (Like I should have)  I braced myself several times. 
In the process, I ended up with a broken heel and a very, very painful upper thigh and buttocks.  I was sent to the worker's comp doctor since it happened at school.

I've been on some muscle relaxers ever since.  I don't remember ever having this much pain with a pulled muscle before.  Luckily, I have the weekend to recover!  Thanks for everyone's well wishes.

The offending shoe

The broken heel.

Sadly, I threw them away in the garbage!


Mandi said...

OUCH!!! How's the new school year?

emlizalmo said...

Oh NO!

Anonymous said...

Hey I hope you are able to recover in a weekend. I recently went out to lunch wearing a pair of clark sandals and as I was getting in my car to go back to work I had the worst fall I think I have ever had. The toe of my sandal caught on something and threw me forward and my weight was on the front and side of the foot. My foot was so sore for about a week. Finally I went to the doctor and he told me to take aleve and soak it in cold water. Well a week passes and it still not getting any better so I go to a foot doctor who prescripes a cam (short ankly boot) I had to wear the thing for a couple of weeks and go to a pair of Merrells afterwards.
The doc told me the sandals I was wearing were the worst thing I could wear!
So I am much better but slowly replacing all my shoes with "granny" type shoes. Just kidding some of them are actually pretty cute. I am not wanting to go through this again and taking care of the feet from now on. Good luck with yours hope it heals quickly for you.

Keri said...

Ouch! You had better stick to flat healed shoes...Hope you are feeling bak to normal already.

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