Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've been up to!

{June 24, 2010}

If I see ONE more of these:


Not really! I've been working diligently on my storage room for the past two weeks. I have about two hours of work and about 8 oz. of sweat left.

You may ask..."What the heck is taking her so long?" Well, my answer is that I am going through every.single.nook.and.cranny in that place. I have pulled each and every item out of it's bin, looked at it, turned it over and over, cleaned it, then decided:

a. DI?
b. Garbage?
c. Keep

If I keep it, it must be super special and needed! I mean business as I clean. Once the bin is empty, I wash the inside out. Then I wash the outside and lid. Then I put a lovely label on the outside. I have never been this thorough in my organizing of the storage room. I have removed approximately 10 large trash bags of garbage. I've made no less that four trips to DI.

So, if you come for a visit, don't be surprised if I make you go to the storage room and tell me how GREAT it looks!


Abbie said...

You rock!

I see we're reading the same Harry Potter book. I'm going slowly. I just keep picking up books in between.

Janett said...

When can I schedule you to come do that to my storage room? lol Really, you've inspired me. I think I'll get that started tomorrow or the next day, or the next day....

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