Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not To Be "Biased" But Apron #4 Is Adorable

I have learned a new skill! I can now make 1/4 inch bias tape. Miles and miles and miles of bias tape. Have you ever made your own? I kind of enjoyed it. First, you cut a 1 inch wide strip of fabric. Fold in half and iron. Then fold both edges into the middle making quarter inch folds on each side. Then fold in half again!


I was going to just buy it. In fact, I went to The Cotton Shop to do so. Once there, the words from my A is For Apron came to my mind "Purchased bias tape is like a TV dinner-cheap and convenient, but ultimately kind of bland." So, out of guilt, I made my own. Did I mention the miles and miles it seemed to be??

I love orange! I used it as focus color of this apron. I really like this one. My first bib apron of the lot.

Apparently my little model didn't want to show her face...but, wow!, look at those legs!!

The pocket...duh!
My favorite part of this picture is that Erika is wearing her Provo High t-shirt. Plus, I wanted you to see the results of those "miles and miles" of bias tape.


Becky Jones said...

I love it! So cute!

Rachel said...

Good job on the bias tape! The apron is, I think my favorite thus far.

Adrianne said...

Hey I just learned to do my own bias tape last week! I admire your skills on this one. GOod job!

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