Wednesday, December 8, 2010

John the Mayor (NOT John Mayer)

Today our school had a Parent Party. It was a party where parents came to school and read with their children. It took place from 8:30 am-9:10 am. It was a HUGE success! I can't even begin to express the feelings I have when I see parents taking an active roll in their children. Simply reading a book to them and then letting them read back to "show off" what they know. It makes my heart literally beat faster. And I won't lie by telling you I didn't tear up a bit watching the entire scene. To see more pictures and read a bit more about the morning go here. You'll see some awesome looking pajamas too. Did I mention it was a pajama day as well? Perfect.

As for this blog post, I must relate the humorous scene in my classroom today. We were picked to have the mayor of Provo, Mr. John Curtis, spend the entire half hour in our classroom. I know! What an honor, right? Or was it?

The organizers of this big shindig had extra parents, grandparents, school district members, and community members lined up to fill in for parents who couldn't make it. So, Mayor Curtis picked out Rebeca. All of the adults in the room were very excited to see the mayor sitting down with our little Rebeca to read. Touching, right? Or was it?

To Rebeca, it was just another adult invading her personal space. I whipped out my camera to take a picture of the two of them. No matter what I did or said, Rebeca would NOT smile. I felt like those seriously overthetop girls who take the pictures at Kiddie Kandids. luck. So, I made my rounds to the other duos in the room and circled back. As I came closer, Rebeca looked up at Mayor Curtis and asked in such a disgusted voice, "Who ARE you?" (The tone was more like "Who the HELL are YOU?" but we don't allow swears in our class!

The mayor held out his hand to Rebeca and said, "I'm John". She shook his hand and was just fine after that. I thought about it and it finally dawned on me that "John" was just some adult trying make friends and he didn't even ask her if he could.

I'm happy to report that the two became fast friends after that. I would look over at them and find them giving high-fives, laughing together, and pointing/sounding out the words in the book. At the end of the read-a-thon (which I think is so funny that they called it a read-a-thon when it was only 30 minutes!) I asked Rebeca, "Now do you know who was reading with you?" "Ya," she said "He's John!" Duh!

So cute.

At the end of the time, everyone received a donut! Yum! The school ordered 1200 Krispy Kreme donuts! We had 300 left over. I'm wondering how many donuts a person could eat before blowing up!!!

Rebeca with her new BFF John.

Me with John


emlizalmo said...

FYI...I can throw down a dozen. Wish I knew there were extras. It really was a cool activity today though...only I had 3 kids and one me. Some sweet friends helped out with my girls. :)

Richard & Natalie said...

Lol. That Rebecca is a card.

It was a fun activity and the kids all loved it!

Richard & Natalie said...

Wouldn't it have been great if John Mayer was there for the kids to read with? I would've read with him...or at least, let him sing to me. ;)

Rainy Day Farm said...

What a super cute story. I love how blunt and honest kids are. As for the donuts, I am sad to say I can not eat those. Just one gives me the biggest tummy ache. Sigh.

Rachel said...

Yeah. Read a thon in a 1/2 hour. I was a little confused by that and felt it was more of a marathon when you have 'me' stacked up next to a gazillion kids who all wanted me to run to each of their classes and spend time with them. The up side? You get a donut per kid so it turned into a eat a thon which I was more than happy to participate in.

As for John the mayor.... we had a run in with him at a scouting thing where he was supposed to present our family with a flag that we used for a flag ceremony. We had no idea who John the mayor was and hoped someone would clue us in as to who we were supposed to walk up in front of a monstrous amount of people and get the flag from. The guy holding the flag! Oh yeah. Look for him! :D

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