Thursday, February 10, 2011

And This Is Why I Could Never Quit My Job...

I love the underlined words.
And, I love that she likes my clothes.
But mostly, I love that she knew I needed a valenin.

Well I HAVE taught them a lot about

Next writing lesson: Periods (again!)

The wrold, juiptr, mrs, and satrun.

These little gems came out of an activity where we made a valentine
for someone who works at the school.
The children were instructed to tell the worker why
they cared about him or her.
They were so sweet.
I honestly didn't expect to get one for myself.

Why do children always seem to know what we need at just the
right time?

(ps...Cybil wrote hers to her Kindergarten teacher!
Go me!)


Rachel said...

I love the writing styles of each of the children. The wrold got me giggling.

You crack me up with the goings on with Miss D. Queen

I've named her Junie.....

Jackie Stuver said...

Oh my you made me spit the cereal I was eating with that last bit! I get to hear about her when Miss Janey comes home from school, all I can say is at least it's not her!!!

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