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 (If you read Erika's blog, I apologize for making this a repeat.  But it's MY blog and I run THIS show!  :)  

A Day Like No Other

One of the most beautiful parts of the religion to which I belong is the blessings that individuals receive throughout their lives.  From the time we are born, we can count on our fathers, brothers, neighbors, and other worthy priesthood holders to provide us with blessings to guide and direct us as we try to face these crazy, unpredictable, brilliant lives of ours.

My favorite "blessing" just happens to be the very first one of our lives.  Soon after our birth, we each receive a "name and a blessing"...generally from our fathers.  It is such a special time and such a sweet, sweet and special pronouncement from father to child.

Eloise received her baby blessing last Sunday.  She was blessed by her daddy, Tyler.  He blessed her with the ability to search for knowledge and to be strong spiritually and physically.  It was a lovely blessing that brought tears to many an eye.  El is lucky to have the parents she does.  And also the grami she does!  (J/K)

Tyler's parents flew in from Santa Rosa for the big day.  Many of Erika and Tyler's friends attended as well.  After the blessing, we took lots of pictures then headed to our house for a BBQ and watermelon (the BEST one I've ever tasted!  Thanks to Gary!)

Twenty-two years ago, at Erika's blessing, she wore a beautiful white dress with teeny tiny pink ribbon which I pain-stakingly wove in and out of the holes of the fabric.  She looked like this:

Well, it just so happens that Erika asked if I would alter the same dress so that El could wear it for her blessing.  YES!  The sleeves were removed...something about it being too "80's" for her.  HA!  I also took in the sides about an inch.  She looked like this:

The following are a bunch of photos from the day.  I know it is a lot but...well...I want to share them with you as well as to help ME remember the special day.
Waiting to get dressed.

Erika gave me the job of getting Eloise dressed.
I can barely look at this picture because my hand looks
so much like my own mother's hand.
So odd.

Cute little family!
Tyler, Erika, and Eloise Senneff


Little piggies and a good look at the
bottom of the dress and slip.

She's a natural!
I  made her pose.

My family:
Terry (I must remind him to take off his automatic shades next time!), me,
Erika and Eloise, Tyler, Melissa, and my soon to be son-in-law

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Rainy Day Farm said...

Beautiful pictures of a super cute baby and family! Congrats on all the changes in your life.
P.S. Terry looks like Captain Keith on Deadliest Catch with that beard. :P

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