Monday, August 29, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about TRUST lately.  I'm sure it has something  everything to do with the start of a new school year.  It is no secret that our first grade classes are bursting at the seams.  We have never had more than 20 children in each first grade class in over 14 years.  But, given the educational budget of today, we are now sporting over 26!  That is too many, but, that is a whole different post that I'll tackle some other day...maybe.

So, back to this trust thing.  Every now and then, I have a huge epiphany.  Today it came while reading "Purple, Green, and Yellow" (by Robert Munsch) aloud to the class.  I was hit with this thought of "Oh my heck (it was actually something else but, I never say swears on this here blog...hee!) I am in charge of 26 little six-year-old children!  How in the world do their parents allow them to be in MY care for six and a half hours each day?"  (I'm sure you are wondering how I can read and think about something else at the same time.  Let's just's one of my talents.  Don't ask how it happens.  It just does.  The end.)

Think about it.  For most of these children, it is the first time their parents have even heard of Mrs. Anderson.  For others, they have "heard" of me but have no experience with me.  And then there are those who have siblings who have been with me in years past.  (I'm NOT talking about those who's parents I may have taught...I'm just not going there!)  And it gives me pause to wonder how these parents trust me with their most prized possessions.  Their babies.

They trust that I will not only teach their children everything the state core tells me that I must but they trust me to:

•     keep their child safe
•     make sure their child gets food and water
•     take care of minor scrapes and bruises (which I always doctor using a band-aid with a kiss on top.)
•     dry tears
•     tie shoes
•     teach their child to READ!

The list goes on, and on, and on.  My point, though, is not to say "Oh me, oh my.  Look at me.  My job is so hard aren't I great??"  No, my point is, I can't believe that parents put their trust in me to care for their children.  If something were to happen during school hours where there would be a delay before parents could reach us, it is left to me to keep the children safe.  To calm their fears.  To dry their tears.  To hold them.  To keep them.  To love them.

And so, to those parents who may read this little blog, who may have children entrusted to my care, please know that I vow to do my best to be everything you want me to be in your absence.  I know how difficult it is to trust your precious little souls to someone else.  I hope you won't be disappointed.

...I simply can't make a post without a picture...I tried.  So, here you go.  A picture that has nothing to do with this post.  I just like it!  :)

This is a picture of our sweet Isabel with Eloise.
They are little soul mates/cousins.
I love this picture.


Becky Jones said...

I'm sure you are an amazing teacher. i can't imagine a class with only 20 students. Laura had 32 at the end of kindergarten and 4th and 6th grade are starting with 31 and 30. Laura in 1st had 28 already. They do A and B track but it is still too many kids for 1 teacher. I can't wait till Jaimee is in 1st grade then I'll be back in the classroom.

Teachers are amazing people!!! I wish you were paid what you are worth!!!

Rachel said...

Actually, that photo has everything to do with what you talked about in this post.

As you know, I purposefuly (sp?) asked for you because I knew I could trust you and you'd do just what you said in this post and a hundred fold more. My little guy is in good hands that are attached to a warm heart.

:D Hugs.

I'm with Becky. I wish you paid what you are worth.

Rachel said...

(Hit publish too soon.)

Maybe it is good you aren't paid what you are worth though because then you wouldn't be teaching. You'd have retired long ago and would live in some big grand house, driving some fancy car, on the 'other side' of the tracks. :D

emlizalmo said...

Your job IS so hard and you ARE so great. Let me teel you how I feel as a mother of elementary school children, some of which have had you as a teacher. YOU are what children need. What I as a mother pray for for my kids. Someone who will teach them, but almost more important to me...LOVE them. I send them away, scared that they will be treated poorly, that they will be afraid, lonely...and you make it better. Loving, tender women like you.

Melissa said...

It is amazing to have the trust of so many people! We have so many people depending on us. That is a big load to carry!

Richard & Natalie said...

You forgot to include "pull out loose baby teeth" in that list. ;) Thank you for that, by the way.

I am sorry you are over stuffed and I promise to try to help as much as I can.

I was lucky enough to get you for Dallin with out even requesting you and what a blessing that was! Because then when it came time to find the perfect fit for my quirky, little ball of Ben, I knew exactly who it HAD to be. YOU! And they say trust is earned, and you my dear, have worked (and are still are working) hard for it. Thank you. It is nice to know I send him off to capable hands(even more capable than mine) every morning.

Tami Anderson said...

I really didn't mean to make this a "compliment seeking post" but...thanks all.

@Becky, are you going back to teaching? I had no idea. Also, about the class-size issue, there was a class-size reduction initiative about 13 years ago that mandated that all 1st grade classrooms in the STATE would have a maximum of 20 students. Then, about six years (or so) ago, they removed this mandate. However, our principal at the time, did everything she could do to keep our class sizes in first grade very small. Well, we ended up with a new principal (who I like) assessed the situation and, as usual, it came down to money. Now that we are in a financial crisis in this district, that protection had to be removed.

All of the fifth grades classes had over 30 every year. It isn't that I can't do it, it's that class size needs to be low in first grade. That's the most critical. I know you know this but I just thought I'd explain myself! :)
Also, Becky, can you send me some (or all, even) of the photos you took at the reception?

@Rachel, I'm very lucky to have your Jadon. I love when you pop into my classroom at the end of the day. And, you're right...that pictures is the ultimate picture of trust.

@Amy, YOU'RE right. I forgot all about the teeth pulling. I've actually pulled five (two of which were from your family!) teeth in the short time we have been in school. I WILL definitely claim that talent!

@ Melissa, I love you.

@ I'm the lucky one. I already adore Ben. I can tell he is so eager to learn. I love that look in his eye when he realizes how smart he is!

Love to you all!

Gemellus said...

I bet you're an awesome teacher. Bless you and all those other wonderful people who give so much of themselves for our children.

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