Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm a loser of a blogger lately.  Sorry. (If you even care, that is)   And, don't go over to my school blog either.  It's just as bad.  (I even had a parent of one of my students call to see what was going on. "Why haven't you updated your blog!")

Don't know why.  I just haven't really had the "bug".

If the bug comes back...I'll be here for you.  In the meantime, enjoy the other 986,847,881 blogs out there.

Oh, and, THIS picture:


Richard & Natalie said...

Love the pic! I haven't had the bug either. I have a ton of posts rolling around in my head, but when I sit down to write I just can't do it. I hope we get bitten again soon.

mel said...

hahahaha. best thing!

Rachel said...

You know, it is something in the air. I've been blogging a bit but my heart hasn't been in it!

With cute photos like that one though, who needs to say anything else!

The Nixons said...

Cute pic of baby El. I have missed your blog posts! I can't wait for you to get the bug again!

Jessica said...

Hey Tami, this was the easiest way to get a hold of you. I've been thinking about you and am so sad for you. I hope the friends abd family who love you are a comfort. I have such happy memories of Terry. He was too young and I've been very sad. Our family is saying prayers for you.


Jessica Romney

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