Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little LESS Conversation

(My apologies to my GDT friends who have already heard this story!)

You know, people are good.  They really are.  People don't normally decide in the morning that "Today, I'm going to say something stupid to someone and make them feel sad!"  Do they?  Please say no.  Well, unfortunately, well-intentioned (I'm being positive here) people say really stupid things.

My case(s) in point:

#1:  Yesterday, a sort-of-coworker of mine who doesn't work at my school, expressed her condolences about my recent loss.  I appreciate that so very much.  HOWEVER, sometimes, less is more.  After we got that part out of the way, she said, "I just want you to know that ______, who works in our area is sporting a big ole' HUGE rock on her finger.  Her husband died less than a year ago and she's getting married!  She was taking meals in to a man and they hit it off and fell in love.  There's always hope!"

WHAT THE HELL?  I don't think she spoke out of malice but rather, stupidity.  Really?  Would you say to a mother who had lost her child that she could find comfort in having another child?  You can't just replace someone with someone else.  That person, my boyfriend, will ALWAYS be my love.  Irreplaceable.  It's been less than two months, for heaven's sake!

#2:   I have already forgiven the other acquaintance of mine (who also works in the area but not at my school) who had no clue what had happened in my life but was still stupid.  As a bit of prior information, I am currently wearing Terry's wedding band with mine.  It's important for this story.  Also important to the story is the fact that we were sitting at a table with seven people and she was sitting all the way across the table.  So, here's the conversation:

Her:  Holy Cow!  Look at that ring!  How many husbands do you have??

Me:  None

Her:  What?  Are you knocking them off one at a time?  Or what??

...awkward silence as my two fellow first grade teachers who indeed DO work at my school slowly, mentally, slid under the table.

Me:  I'll tell you about it later.

I mean...come.on!  Really?

I realize that this is a total vent and I would never call anyone "stupid" (to his/her face).  And, as I encounter these situations, it makes me want to be a little less stupid myself!  Okay, a lot less stupid.

Why?  Oh Why?
(poor little Ellee!)


Rachel said...

Oh! My! STARS!!!! I'm trying to come up with a response but I have to pick my jaw up off the floor first. I just read this to my husband and he said, "Unreal"!!

Wow........ unreal.........

Vent baby vent. Go ahead. Get it all out. You can vent later when you come over. We'll have us a good ol' session. :D

rita said...

are you freakin' kidding me? Obviously they never listen to themselves when they open their mouth! I suppose you really should tell them how very sorry you are that they never had someone in their life to teach them some manners! HONESTLY!!!!! There really are not shoes big enough for those mouths.

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