Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Canada Extravaganza: Family Reunion

Dr. Pepper and Cheese opening social, visiting, electrical horse riding, Larry reenacting the "let's-cock-4 year old Tami's-finger-in-the-pellet-gun" scenario, softball in cowboy boots, smoking some celebratory black licorice cigars, exhausted children, enamored children, a visit from Darth Vader!

When I was in high school, my mom took my senior picture and blew it up to poster size.  I thought that poster was long gone until it showed up in my brother's "complex" (fancy name for his garage-o-junk).  When I arrived at the reunion, there is was again.  It had been attached to the body of the lead actress in the Matrix movies!  (If only I could look that good in real life!)  Anyway, one of the activities was to take some rubber tubing and make a water balloon sling shot.  Then, each person took a turn trying to hit my matrix poster!  How rude!

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