Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Girls

Melissa Rae Sullivan
Erika Norma Senneff
(making Hazel Rae!)

These two ladies are the two most important influences of my life.  Since 1987 (Melissa's birth year) we have been together.  They have been with me through the most important parts of my life:  birth, divorce, remarriage, dogs, step-families, graduations, boyfriends, fiance's, weddings, weddings, and more wedding.  Losing cousins, an aunt, grandparents and the greatest man to ever enter our lives.  These daughters of mine have changed my life for the very best.  They have taught me compassion, patience, loyalty, love, kindness, and generosity.  As I watch them be wives to their wonderful husbands, it makes me feel proud and very humble.  Proud, because I can't believe they came from me and I was lucky enough to raise them into the beauties they are.  Humble, because I don't feel worthy that they are mine.  That I raised theme alone for seven years, then for 15 years with the man of my dreams who loved them without judgement or measure.

I love them so much.  I'm very blessed.  I adored them as babies.  I giggled with them as small children.  I cried with them as teenagers.  I puff up with pride as I witness them as adults.  I am just so very, very blessed.

I love you Melissa Rae and Erika Norma.


Rachel said...

Another baby on the way!!!! Can you stand it??

The Wyler Family said...

They are gorgeous!!! Congratulations on the new little one getting ready to join your family. Such a special time!

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