Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLI

As most of you know, Terry's favorite football team in the history of football was the Chicago Bears.  He had been a fan since they won Super Bowl XX.  He had every Chicago Bears cap ever made!  It was rare to see him without a Bears cap on.  Seriously!  He actually had a "dress" Bears cap for when he went to "fancy places".  The way he talked, it seemed he knew every player personally...that's just Terry!

So, when the Bears returned to the Super Bowl in 2007, you can imagine the energy in our house.  The girls and I really weren't that big into football but we knew how much Terry was.  (I just wanted to watch Prince perform...or was it the artist formerly known as Prince?  Whatever.)  So, we all donned Bears shirts and hats, gathered every food that had anything to do with Bears, or was orange or navy, and put on a Super Bowl party of the year.

The Bears lost to the Colts 29-17.  (ya, I had to look that up)  But, Terry wasn't heart broken.  He didn't even swear.  He was just proud of his Bears!

We missed him today.

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Rachel said...

Brian being from Chicago..... yeah. Bears fan all the way! Through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

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