Saturday, January 14, 2017

An Update on my Bucket List

Well, let's just say that I haven't gotten very far.  I finally saw Adam Levine in concert with my girls.  It was so much fun.  I sold some doodles and made it to Europe.  And, yes, I am now past Level 200 in Candy Crush!

Three years since I wrote this list and I can see that some of my items are things I'm no longer interested in doing.  I can take them off, right.
(Updated January 6, 2021)
For instance.  I no longer want to learn to groom dogs, ride a mechanical bull, nor take a week off of all things technical (I love it too much.)

I would also like to add a couple of things.  For instance:  Watch all Oscar nominated videos before the Oscars is aired each year, learn how to sew a zipper into something, live authentically to who I am inside, get healthy for my grandkids and myself, and smoke weed... just once!  (Don't be mad)

So, you see, the thing about a bucket list is... it changes.  It probably will change each year or sometimes even day to day.  We evolve.  We change.  Change is good!

• Plant a full on vegetable garden...and keep it alive! (No longer interested... no space)
•Visit Washington D.C
• Learn at least five "go to" origami sculptures
See Adam Levine Live
• Learn to make sushi
• See the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
Go on a cruise
• Learn to groom dogs (No longer interested)
• Learn the Thriller dance routine
• Run a marathon Run Run another 5K  (No thanks!)
• Round out my list of continents:  Asia, North America, South America Africa, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica.(coming in 2025) 
• Ride a mechanical bull (No thnaks!)
• Visit the Galapagos Islands
• Go back to Sri Lanka
• Embrace Veganism for at least one consecutive year (I did it for one month and it nearly killed me!)
• Watch every movie to ever win the Oscar for best picture award (I usually do this every year)
• Attend a "Forks Over Knives" convention (Nope)
• Ride a camel on a Wednesday  (get it?  Hump Day!)
• Stay up all night and go straight to work the next morning
• Bake a bagel from scratch
• Visit all 50 states
• Walk through a drive-thru
• Be on a game show (preferably Hollywood Game Night, The Price is Right, or Jeopardy)
• Be on a reality TV show
• Get my National Board Certification
• Attend EVERY grandchild's baptism (just like my parents did!) [already blew that one!] (Also, I no longer believe in the whole baptism at 8 years old thing)
Sell some doodles
• Refinish my bedroom furniture 
• Do Habitat for Humanity
• Learn to play the harmonica
• Tour the "Downton Abbey" house
• Learn five magic tricks to mystify my friends
• Teach abroad for one year
• Learn to shoot a pistol
• Eat at the number one ranked restaurant in the world:  El Celler de Can Roca (Spain)
• Take a one week hiatus from technology
• Drive on the Autobahn
• Attend Mardi Gras
• Chase a tornado Chase an ice cream truck
• Try my hand at geocaching
• Chop vegetables the way professional chefs do
•  Meet up with my online/real life friend, Pam, every year.
•  Teach school abroad for at least one year.
• Learn to ski (I live in Utah!  I should know this by now) (Now my knees couldn't handle it so... maybe sledding?)

Get to level 200 on Candy Crush (so sad)
• Become a Yogi!  (Yoga expert) (Ummmm... no.)

A lot can change over the course of seven years!  


Becca said...

You passed.

Bexyboo said...

And you're back!

rita said...

I'm pretty sure you've walked through a drive-thru. K-Bar-B perhaps? or were you just taking out the garbage for Kareldean?

Rhonda said...

I'll go to Forks Over Knives with you!!

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