Saturday, August 26, 2017

02YGH8 = My Second Job!

Are you looking for a second job you can do from home?  Do you have a four-year degree (in anything)?  This post is for you. BTW, 02YGH8 is my referral code if you are thinking of applying.

You really CAN teach a dog new tricks!

I've had a long and amazing career in education.  I LOVED teaching over 840 children in the Provo City School district.  My life revolved around those kids.  I enjoyed every age: grades 1-5.  My favorite being First Grade and my second love was Fifth Grade.  But, whatever the grade, it was the students that were my love and the reason I got up every day... because they made me so happy.

For some crazy reason, three years ago, I chose to leave the classroom and work as a full-time Instructional Coach in the same district.  It is an extremely rewarding job to mentor new teachers in the district, to coach any and all teachers who ask for help, to give professional development, to work as the Elementary Language Arts specialist, etc., etc.  I enjoy and love this job for many reasons.

However, I MISSED having my own students.  I missed having a connection with students and, yes, maybe to use my God-given acting skills 🤡   Ha!  But what?

Enter the company that changed my life:  VIPKID!

VipKid is an online platform that began as the dream of Cindy Mi.  She is an incredible woman with a vision to have American and Canadian teachers to "visit" China every day and teach English to children.  This Bloomberg article is fantastic if you'd like to read more about her.  Someday I WILL meet her!

Here are a few of my favorite things!  Also known as "students"!

I joined VIPKID at the end of May.  June was a little rough.  It takes some time and dedication to build up a group of students who become "regulars".  I was determined to make it work and do what I needed to do.  It paid off.  July was FANTASTIC.  August, September, and October have been amazing.  I absolutely love doing this job in addition to my regular school day job.  I love the face-to-face interaction with the children.  I fall in love with them just as I did with my "real" classroom of 25 students.  Did I mention I LOVE it?

The platform for teaching is great.  I can see my student in the top frame and myself in the bottom.  There is a ppt on the left with everything the student needs during his/her 25-28 minute lesson.  There is also a chat box on the right!  It is extremely organized and I get to use my skills I've developed over the years.  Also, the lessons are based on the US Common Core Standards.  

This video makes me so happy.  Growth happens through this program.  It works!

William One-Year-Growth - Watch how William improved his English with VIPKID over the course of 12 months by having class with different teachers! 

If you are interested in knowing more, message me.  You can also go directly to the link I'm happy to help you learn more about this fun job of mine. (I would love it if you'd use my referral code!)

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