Friday, May 23, 2008

What My Two Favorite Four Year Olds Taught Me

While in Colorado, I learned several valuable lessons from Milo and Isable.  I share them here in hopes of improving your life as well:

Always recycle your cans.
While throwing away my Diet Coke can into the garbage, Milo pretty much shouted at me.  "Grami Tami...that does NOT go there!  It gets recycled."  "Well, where do I put it then?"  "Under the sink in the recycle container."  This followed by a disgusted sigh at how uninformed his Grami was.

It doesn't matter who you kneel by for family still have to hold hands.  Example:  Erika and Spencer!  (Enough said)

Always carry your plates to the sink.  If a four year old can do it every time, so can you.


•   After eating gelato, get under the table.

•   If Erika can't push you in your stroller, then ask Melissa.  If she can't then you can always resort to Grami Tami.  (wait, that would mean I'd be pushing myself around...never mind)

•   Broccoli doesn't smell so good on it's way a car.

•   ALWAYS  ask "Why?"  If no one can satisfy your curiosity ask, "But why?"

•   Snacks are important.

•   Everyone should eat pancakes on Sunday morning.

•   If you walk past a play area, you must stop and play.

•   Color some more.

•   Your clothes don't have to match.

I love those to darling kiddos.  I can't wait for them to teach me many, many more things in the future.


Erin said...

Clothes don't have to match...just "blend". This was so cute and fun to read! :) They are so funny. They miss you tons though. As soon as you were gone the "when is Grami Tami coming to visit us agaiiinnnn?" questions started.

Also, don't worry, we finally (!!!) found some pink sparkle shoes in her size. PHEW.

Nerdster said...

Those kids are so wise!

But I already knew snacking was important.

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