Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barbara Kingsolver is My Inspiration

Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors.  I just finished a book by her called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  (I'll talk about that later)  For now, I felt the need to include Barbara in my blog of people I like.  I've actually met her as well.  We met in 1994 when she was in Salt Lake City on a book tour for Pigs In Heaven.  She is such an authentic person.  She was included in the book America's 100 Most Dangerous People.  She is an activist for many organizations.  But what I like most about her is her fierce love of her children and husband.  They come first in her life and that really shines through in her essays and non fiction.
  I just finished this book and I am a changed woman.  I loved this book.  Barbara and her family made the decision to spend a year eating locally.  They moved from Tucson, Arizona to a farm in West Virginia.  They raised all kinds of vegetables and fruits.  They raised chickens and turkeys from which they gathered eggs and eventually butchered for meat.  She even made her own cheese!

As I read this book, I realized how lazy I am.  Barbara (and those who run family farms for a living) writes about how much work it is to grow food and run a farm.  It is a dawn to dusk undertaking.  Sometimes, I admit, I get so tired and let my house go to pot!  Just the other day I could barely make myself finish the laundry.  Then I started thinking about Barbara and how motivated she is to work for the things that are important to herself and to her family.  I find that I can talk myself into work.  And working HARD!

Terry and I have planted tomatoes (three kinds), zucchini, peppers, hot peppers in containers in our yard.  If I could, I'd buy a cow and let it free range in our backyard...okay, I know that's crazy but this book made me want one.  I'd name it Bessy.  However, since that isn't possible, I have decided to become a more responsible consumer of produce and meat.

This summer, I plan to buy local produce.  It helps the farmers and is better for my family's health.  I noticed that there was a house down the street that sells free range eggs.  I'll definitely pick some up there.  As Barbara points out, our food comes from places so far away and takes thousands of gallons of fuel each year to bring us food which isn't in season and that is substandard in taste.  I hadn't thought about this before.  It makes sense to buy locally.

I may even try my hand at making a batch of mozzarella  cheese.  Check up on me would ya?

Here is Barbara's website for your perusal: 



Mandi said...

guess who really did buy a cow? I know. . . crazy! I finished the book too, and loved it. I have a whole new perspective on turkeys, ha ha ha.

Nerdster said...

Send it to me, I need a change.;P

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