Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday Party X2


The Darling Little Twinners Turn the big 0-1!!
What a great party we went to last Saturday.  Melissa and Justin put on a big shindig at their home.  As usual the food was delicious.  On the drive up to West Jordon I was hoping and hoping that Louie (Justin's dad) would be there to cook the burgers.  He's a great cook.  Lucky for us...he was.  Those little babies were such excellent hosts of the party.  I took a turn playing with each of them at some point in the day.  It was the highlight of my day.

I loved all of the people who were there.  It was fun for us to visit with Dorie, Marcie, Grandma Cathryn, Royan, Justin's family, Cade and Stacy, Grandma Charlene and Hal, thousands of kids, Goldie etc...  I loved listening to them all remember the days in Richfield when everyone was a lot younger (and I was still a baby  Ha! Ha!)
Here are some pictures from the day.  We sure missed Issy, Milo, Eli, and Audrie...oh, and Curtis too.
There were three cupcakes with a 1 on them because little cousin Rachel turned 1 as well!  Who could ask for more than watching 3 one year old little ladies smashing birthday cake into their little mouths?? 
Wow!  Aren't they adorable?
Lyla with her bow from Auntie Erika and Uncle Tyler's present.
Grandpa Terry and Lyla
There was a gigantic blow up bouncing house and slide in the backyard.  What fun.  Here is Grami Tami with Olivia and Lyla.
Lyla's cute little jumping toes.
Royan, Auntie Melissa, and Lyla
Lyla wasn't so sure about the bouncing part of this blue thing.
Olivia was such a little daredevil.  She LOVED it in the bouncy house.
Auntie Melissa loves the darling twins.


Abbie said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO sad I missed it. I'm glad YOU got in on the fun. We miss all y'all way too much.

Happy Birthday my little twinkies.

Erin said...

Jealous of you. BIG TIME.

Melissa said...

What a cute post! Thanks for coming we love you!

Mel said...

yay! i love those twins. and you too.

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