Sunday, September 21, 2008

"And...don't forget his milker!"

I love teaching!  I laugh every single day.  Let me share some artwork and a little poem from last Friday.  

"Purple Cow" is an annual staple in my first grade classroom.  We read the poem and say it over and over and laugh and laugh.  Then I have them draw a picture of their own purple cow.  I remind them to draw hooves, draw ears, that some cows have spots, and all cows have tails.  I always appreciate the child who reminds us all about the udders.  This year's gem came from Gabe who shouted "And don't forget his milker!"

The Finished Purple Cow Poem

The Lady Bug Cow

The "Three Legged Cow"
(at least I think it's a third leg)
I wonder what that hair is all about?

The Little Teeny Cow

The Llama Cow


Camille said...

Okay, thank you for that. I totally needed a good laugh.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh that is FUNNY.

Abbie said...

Have you talked to Spencer about this?

Mel said...


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