Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Evening At the Hospital

A Human Kidney

Kidney Beans

Well, yesterday my kidney decided to rebel after having its friend "The Stent" removed.  The hole left in the kidney was having spasms and trying to close up.  I called the doctor and he said to come into the hospital.

While there, I had the following things done:
1. Blood work
2. Ultra sound:  They found that I had fluid backed up into my right kidney.  That's not good.  The doctor said that if there is no drainage, I would have to have surgery to replace the stent and also place some tubes through my back to drain the fluid.

At this point I was BAWLING!  I could not handle any more surgery.

3. Sent for another CT Scan.  This was to see if there was any movement from kidney to bladder.  While waiting for them to tell me I could go home, I was in so much pain that I almost made a bed for myself on the dirty carpeted waiting area.  Terry was very patient with me.

So, I finally got home around 7 o'clock and got some pain medication in me.  I've felt much better since then.



Kari said...

Tami I am so sorry. I hope they can fix this without more surgery, you and your body has been through enough.

Mel said...

bummer. hope you can pee accurately very soon. love you!

Erin said...

I am so sorry for all of your pee troubles. :( Not fun. Toooooo much pain for one Grami to deal with! Sheesh. Hope you're back to proper form.

Abbie said...

okay, i have no excuse to whine. i'm so sorry! yeesh. i wish i could come over and we could recover together. just remember that you are superwoman! that would make anyone feel better.

Nerdster said...

I hate it when this happens.

DebWalker said...

Hey Lady...I'm not so cool...I haven't come to visit. Mark is cool tho' he gave me your blog address. I love it, it's sweet. Should have known you were a blogger :-)

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