Monday, January 12, 2009

20 Years Ago Today...

I gave birth to my second daughter.  Today my baby daughter turns 20.  I now have no more teenage daughters.  To tell the truth, I never thought this day would come.  I've been in denial all these years.  I have been so blessed to be their mother.
Now, about the birthday girl.  Erika arrived on this earth as a darling little princess and has been one ever since.  Her "birth"day was a wonderful day.  I was 
so happy to have a second daughter to love and care for.  She was 
such a good baby and little girl.  She gave Melissa and me a lot of laughs.  She always wanted to be a singer or a vet.  One day she asked if she could be a "vet AND a singer".   That girl set her sights high!

The thing I admire most about Erika is her unfailing love for her family.  She is loyal and true.  Now she has a darling husband and her family focus is on it should be, yet, I know she will always be there for me if 
I need her and I hope she knows that I'll be there for her as well.  As a perfect example, just read my post about Erika from my recent surgery titled "My Favorite Nurse".

There is no way that a mother can explain how much she loves her daughter in one little birthday post.  But, I want who
ever reads this to know how proud I am of Erika and how I wouldn't trade one minute of my last 20 years raising her.

Now, enjoy these pictures of this adorable child (I realize I left out a few years but I was overwhelmed by the number of  pictures I have):

(Yes, I made those dresses AND cut their hair!)


emlizalmo said...

Happy birthday Erika! Holy smokes, she is gorgeous in those wedding pictures!

Tami Anderson said...

Thanks Amy. She is pretty special. Did you show the girls Erika's picture?

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