Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday LeAnna RaDawn!

This is my oldest niece
  LeAnna (the "a" will always be attached at the end for me!  Sorry my dear)
  RaDawn Talbot Bosworth.
LeAnna is the oldest daughter of my sister Donna.  I was only six years old when she was born and I have always thought of her as "my " baby.  I toted her everywhere.  I had her picture with me and showed everyone when I was far away.

Every summer from the time she was born, my parents would ship me off to Malad, Idaho where I helped Donna raise her kids. :0)  I have so many memories of LeAnna.  Though our lives have moved forward and our become busier, she will always hold a very special spot in my heart and I hope she knows that...I think she does!

I wonder if she remembers when I removed her poster of a chubby fat guy whose butt crack was peeking out the top of his pants with the title "Say no to crack!"from her wall.  I was such a dork.  I found it to be such a scandalous picture that I turned it over and wrote 
"I am a child of God" in huge letters all over the back.  I've always felt guilty about that.  Someday, I'll buy you a new one.
Do you forgive me LeAnna?

After much searching (that's why this post is so late in the day) I found a bunch of pictures of LeAnna.  I've included a few of them as well as some I snagged from Facebook.  :)


Auntie Tami with her first neice.
Can you say Princess Leia??  What is up with my hair??

Look at this adorable 13 month old little girl!
(This picture has always been a favorite of mine. I remember it as a framed picture on top of our piano.  Your grandparents loved you and were so proud.)

Look at LeAnna's cute bangs.
Don't look at her Aunt's bangs.
How about those puka shells?
(There's little David too)

LeAnna and her sister Jodi.  Aren't they so adorable?

She's a sweet little superhero...with Jodi again.

Here's how I will remember curlers to prepare for her dance performance with her "Stars" dance troop.  She was a terrific dancer.  I remember many hours traveling with Donna to all the performances around the state.

Woo Hoo!  Look at those legs!!  Gorgeous.  This is a performance I attended.  She was part of the half time show at a Boise State basketball game.  
I loved that fringe!

LeAnna's love of horses was passed on to her oldest daughter Brittney, who is in the picture below.  Brittney was my first grand-niece and my parent's first great grandchild.
Isn't she pretty??

This is LeAnna's son Kade. 
If you ask me, he is probably the coolest kid at Malad High School.
Am I right??

You guessed it...her other daughter loves horses as well.  This is Nicole. 
She is LeAnna's youngest.
She is darling.

are you ready???
LeAnna became a grandma this month.
Brittney and her husband became the parents of little Emma.  LeAnna's first grandchild.

Will she love horses too?
I'm sure she will.

Little Emma Cheyenne Daniels.
My great-great-niece.  I love her and I've never even met her!

Happy Birthday LeAnna!
I love you.  I really do.
But I'm still in are NOT 40!

To find out more about LeAnna click HERE.


Keri said...

Cute baby pictures of LeAnna (and Jodi). I can totally see nicole in her. The picture of Jodi in the yellow shirt is a spitting image of! Makes me want to pull out all my baby pictures and compare to Kauri. That "say no to crack" poster ended up in my room somehow....Lol! Happy birthday to Leannie the grannie!! :-)

Lea said...

you wrote that on the back of my giant COORS beer poster. And the picture of me in curlers looks like russell...what the??!!@@>>?

Captain BrewSea said...

I love your blog. Somehow I feel less isolated reading about our family here.
Thanks Sis.

Janna said...

How the hec did I miss this post! Love it. But can I say tami, that your skirt in the first picture is scandalous.
Happy 40th, LeAnna! Have fun being a grandma to 'lil Emma :)

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