Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is my sister-in-law Lori.
I love her.
She is married to my brother Larry a.k.a "DaCoacha".  (Bless her soul!)

Lori married my brother when I was 14 years old.  It was a very impressionable time in my life and Lori was a huge influence in who I am today.  
I thought the sun shone right out of her eyes and she could do NO wrong as far
as I was concerned.

She let me wear her cute shoes.
She is an outstanding cook.
She taught herself to watercolor.
She is an amazing homemaker.
Her laundry is ALWAYS done and folded...even if it isn't put away. 
(Private joke!)

She and my brother have raised two gorgeous daughters Brandy, and Alissa.  And one handsome son, Michael.
I wish I lived closer to them.  I know that Lori and I would be the best of buds.  But, alas, she is WAY up in Canada and I am WAY down in Utah.

Thank you Lori for being such a wonderful sister and friend.
And thanks for taking such amazing care of my crazy brother.
You deserve an award.

Happy Birthday!

Lori, Brandy, and Larry

See how much her daughters love her?

The whole family.
(sorry so small!)

As you look at this picture, try not to look at my goofy pose.  It's the dress I want you to pay attention to.  When I graduated from grade 9, Lori altered the pattern for this dress and made it for me.  It really was gorgeous.  She is a great seamstress.

(I was proud of myself in this picture because I was in my late 30's and tried on this fit!  I wish it STILL fit!)


Janna said...

I love you, Aunt Lori!! She's the sweetest, most beautful aunt a gal could have (next to Aunt Tami of course).
I was just thinking about Aunt Lori the other day. We were visiting her house one day and she was bathing the children. Grandma told me with much pride that Aunt Lori had the cleanest children because she bathed them every night. I remember thinking how I wanted to be like Aunt Lori and have clean children.

Alissa Dear said...

That's too cute Tami :)
Mom really is a sweet lady! I wish we lived a lot closer too! I would come hassle you at work all the time!

unkylar2u said...

yes Tami you hit the nail on the head . My sweet heart wife has put up with me for how many years now ?? Did you know that when I married her I had to sell my sweet horse . I couldn't even ride into the valley on my sweet honeymoon stallion . I think that did happen in Preston Idaho though . Lori has always been a good influence on my life and tries to be the best caregiver she can be ..I Love Her Dearly ...LWL blog blog blog blog blog ...............

Keri said...

I just love Aunt Lori also! She really is one of the most thoughtful, sweetest, kindest person ever....Happy birthday Aunt Lori! :-)

PS - I will be thinking of her every time I bath Kauri now, LOL!!!

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