Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

When I married my husband Terry, almost 12 years ago, I also inherited four
new children:  Josh, Spencer, Melissa and Abbie.
Josh is the oldest.
He is (on the outside) very quiet and keeps to himself.  However, I know he isn't.
He is an outgoing, humorous, brilliant, young dad.

There is something about Josh that I have always loved.  He has never treated me
unkindly.  I'm the "wicked step-mother" as the story goes.  But Josh has never made me feel like one. He asks me for advice about books for Royan (his son).  He listens when I give him that advice and seems to value my opinion.
He's either genuine or a real good faker  (haha!)

I'd just like to publicly thank Josh for his kindness to me. 
I really do love you Josh.
I wish you a happy birthday with many more to come.
(PS  You're pops has a present for you...come and get it sometime)

Josh with his awesome son Royan!

Our oldest and wisest (?) grandson Royan.

Josh with Lyla (one of Melissa's twins). 
I have never seen an uncle who is more fiercely loved than Josh.
They all think that the very sun shines out of Josh's eyes.

Thanks for being your amazing self Josh.
Oh, and Happy Birthday.

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Erin said...

That is so true. All those nieces and nephews are on to something I guess!

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