Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New Favorite Blog

My darling daughter, Erika, has created a blog that has knocked my socks off.
Well, I always knew she was creative but I didn't always know to what extent.
She and Tyler have been living with us for the interim before school starts.
(they move next week :sob: )
So I get to watch her create new things daily.
What a treat.
I know that we are all so very proud of our children and think the sun literally 
shines out their eyes.  At least, I do.  This is one of those shining times for me.

It seems like every day Erika is working on some craft.  She paints, sews, mod-podges, 
cooks, or glues, something new.  She created a blog about all of her craftiness.

Now, I'm pretty proud of her crafting skills.
I'm proud of her homemaking skills.
I'm proud of her computer skills.
all of these talents pale in comparison to the pride I felt when I saw her blog header:

Her sense of humor is a trait I'd like to say that I gave to her.
I absolutely cracked up over this title.
(If you are familiar with Saturday Night Live, you will "get" the reference.  
If you aren't then it's still funny)

So here, for a sneak peek at some of the projects she has completed, is the link for 

Button Pillow
(t=Tyler  e=Erika)

I fetching LOVE this "Cookie Sheet"  calendar!
You should definitely check out her blog just to see this.  Seriously!

Gorgeous star.
Actually, this isn't me, though I wish I looked so good.  
This is the crafty little girl that I crafted.

I love her.

(I am fully aware that we shouldn't be prideful.  Sometimes I have a hard time with that.  Can you tell?)


Sue said...

I've added her to my RSS feed! She''s brilliant.

Mel said...

thanks mom. love you too.

whoa! was that just me being the hostile and bitter older sister? yeah. so.

Keri said...

She really is talented! You should talk her into selling her stuff at the quilted bear or something....

emlizalmo said...

Oooo...can't wait to check it out! You are such an awesome mom to have crafted such an awesome daughter.

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