Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If I had some extra money laying around...

I'd move to Park City, Utah.

I'd buy more books.
Lots and lots of books.

I'd buy my artist husband any painting he wants.

I'd buy a few caramel white chocolate apples.

I'd pay for an entire week at this condo in Park City.
Our daughters bought us one night for our 12th anniversary after
Terry said (in a forlorn, longing voice):
"I don't care what we do for our anniversary.  I just want to spend time with you."
(perhaps I'm working too many hours)

I'd donate some money to said condo to repair this heavy iron fireplace covering
that fell off the wall...on to ME...causing a huge bruise that didn't disappear for over two weeks.

I'd buy this man anything he asked for in addition to the painting.

and, of course,
I'd buy lots and lots of shoes and handbags!

Happy Anniversary to my love.
It was my lucky day when I met him 12 short years ago.


Rainy Day Farm said...

Aaaahhhh! You did great finding Terry and he is lucky to have you! A match made in Heaven (or Provo? I'm not sure)! Glad you had so much fun.
The art galleries in Park City are so great! Lots of great cowboy art!

Kari said...

I was starting to get a little nervous reading your post. But I breathed such a sigh of relief when I saw the shoes and handbags picture. Way to save the best for last!

Bruce Polly Billings said...

That is my favorite apple too!!

Keri said...

Awe, so sweet! Happy anniversary to you two!!

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