Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sung to the tune of "On Top Of Old Smokey"

She lives in New York City,
Away far from me.
Today is her birthday
We call her A-bbie.

She's my dear step-daughter,
Though I call her my own
We swing in the hammock
Without our cell phones.
She has a cute family.
Forrest is her hubby
He's gonna be a doctor,
Then he can fix me.
Here's Abbies cute daughter
Her name is Audrie.
I think she's a cutie.
'Cause she looks like me!

My Abbie has cute boots.
They're made just for rain.
I wish I had some like it
But I'm saving for a brain.

(are you sick of this song yet?...too bad...)
I love this sweet picture.
It shows so much love.
Those naps with his mommy
Eli sleeps like a dove.

(do doves sleep?)

These cupcakes scream "ABBIE...
She'd really appreciate it
So please send her some.
This girl is a great chef
She'll cook anything.
Her talents are endless
She even can sing!
So if you can't tell now
I love her so much
I wish she lived closer
But we'll keep in touch.

I hope you're still singing
This song is quite long
But what is a birthday
Without a great song???

I love you Abbie.


Abbie said...

hahaha! I love it! Thank you so much! perfect way to end my birthday! Oh, you rock my world!

Mel said...

happy birthday abbie!

ps. i love the song mama.

Mare said...

That was a great song!

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