Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wisdom of Six Year Olds

This is Ethan.
(Not Harry Potter in case any of you were confused!)
And Me.
(Not a fancy hula girl in case any of you were confused!)
He is one of those great precocious, too-smart-for-his-own-good,
charming type of children.

This is Samuel.
(Not a super stealth ninja, in case any of your were confused!)
He's one of those absolutely sweetest of sweet little gentlemen that
any mother would be blessed to receive straight from Heaven.

This is Katja.
(Not a darling fashionable orange witch, in case any of you were confused.)
She is one of those BRILLIANT, girlie-girl girls, with tons of charisma and cuteness.
She makes teaching a breeze. I adore this little girl.

This incident is about these three dear-hearts:

So...last Monday, there was some trouble on the playground.
Ethan and his friend Samuel were viciously attacked
by this little girl.
that was a total exaggeration. But, it made the story a little better right?

Well, as it turns out, there was a big chasing game going on at recess.
(this is not allowed at our school because of a previous chasing game where hoards of girls chased hoards of boys all over the playground, then quickly changed to
hoards of boys chasing hoards of girls all over the playground
until neither group wanted to be chased and feelings got hurt...long story)

The little gal did NOT appreciate the boys chasing her (who would??) and
let them know it by hauling off and slugging them both a good one.

So, like teachers do, I sat them on the bench outside of my classroom for the big, serious," we-don't-do-that-at-school" talkin' to.
We were all in agreement and everyone said their "sorrys" and "I forgive yous".

Then, to put the final punctuation mark to our talk, I added:
"And, boys, I want you to remember that you
NEVER, EVER, NEVER hit or hurt a girl."

Immediately Ethan replied:
"That's right! They're the ones that gave us birth!"

I released them to go back in the classroom because I didn't want them to see me
trying to suppress my giggling.
These kinds of talks make me so glad that I'm a teacher.
And so glad to share six hours a day with
children like Katja, Samuel, and Ethan.

They are a blessing.


Sue said...

There was the time my first grade teacher sister in law asked her class who Abraham Lincoln was, and a little boy called out, "he was the president during the Silver Ware!"

And yes, Bert and Ernie naked would be interesting.. As would be Miss Piggy.

Keri said...

too cute! You are right, children really are a blessing.

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