Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Family Party Number 1

Our first family Christmas party was held on December 21st. We called it the "What Would Norma Bring?" party. Since my brother Brian and his wife Sarah were in Utah for Christmas, we decided to have a big get together and serve things that my mom would have served.

In attendance were Brian and Sarah; Adrianne (Brian's daughter) and Dan with their children: Kelsey, Rachel, Riley, and Sammy; Brant (Brian's son) and Ariel with their children: Aiden, Ezra, and Gabriel; Jodi (my sister Donna's daughter) and her little daughter Alycia. Then, of course, Terry, me, Melissa, Erika and Tyler.

A full house and I LOVED IT! Here are some pictures of the event.

Can you see Melissa doing Erika's hair??

Erika with my grandpug Oscar.

Adrianne, Alycia, and Jodi (with a little baby inside!)

Brant and Riley looking at Gabriel admiring the lights. R.: Dan, Brian, Terry, Tyler, Melissa, Sarah, Erika, Adrianne.

Samantha, Dan, Ezra

Riley and Rachel

Erika, Melissa, and their beautiful Aunt Sarah

My kids: Tyler, Erika, and Melissa

Brant, Adrianne, and their papa (my brother) Brian

Gabriel and his mama Ariel

Aiden doing his ninja moves.

Two of my favorite men: Brian and Terry

My boyfriend: Terry!


The Wyler Family said...

looks like a good time! always a good time when you're in charge, right? is aunt sarah the one i met in the mtc? she looks familiar.

Tami Anderson said...

No. That was my sister Rhonda. You're right, it is always fun to be in charge!

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