Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cheating On My Grandchildren!

I have had a GREAT weekend. My nephew, Chad (Bruce's son), and his family made the long trek from Lethbridge, Alberta CANADA to General Conference. It is their Spring Break. It is visits like this that remind me why we live in this house that is way too big for us.

I've decided that I have a tradition that I never, ever planned. When there are children in my kitchen, I simply MUST make cupcakes with them. Remember this post? So, when four children came into my house yesterday, the Kitchen Aide made it's way to the countertop and the cocoa came out of the cupboard. Here are some awesome pictures of the event.

Kelci and Jaidyn helping to make the cupcakes. These two are a lot older (10 and 12) than my grandchildren, and it was hard for me to turn over the control of the cupcake making. It was good for me to learn!

Here we are sharing our cupcakes with our next visitors.
Top: There's Brookelyn (who said to me: "Your bum is big!" HA!) She had chocolate EVERYWHERE!
Then, there's Brant's twins Aiden and Ezra. Next to them is little Brookelynn again.
Bottom: Kelsey, Riley, Jaidyn, Rachel, and Kelci.
Then, there's the cupcake I dropped.

I love the top picture. There's Chad (Bruce's son), me, Brant (Brian's son), and Jodi (Donna's daughter). There may or may not have been some bum pinching going on. (Wait! Why isn't Adrianne in this picture??? She was there! Shoot!)

There's Samantha and Kelsey (Adrianne's daughters). There's Gabriel (Brant's son) and then the girls being silly.

Oh...there's Adrianne!
Here are the beauties: Adrianne (Brian's daughter), Shannon (Chad's wife), and Jodi (Donna's daughter). If you look closely, you will see Jodi's newborn baby, Ryker! He was so, so, so sweet. Even if he did do a gigantic projectile vomit in the middle of the kitchen!

Every single child who goes into our basement, LOVES the jogging trampoline and gigantic love sac. Much fun was had by all.
Here's Dylan (Jodi's son who made the statement "This is a lot more fun than I thought it would be!" which made me feel really good!), Brookelyn (Chad's), and Brant's twins again, Aiden and Ezra.

And are the four children staying with us this weekend. I have absolutely loved every minute of them being here. I'll be sad when they leave tomorrow.
Kelci, Brookelyn, Jaidyn, and Parker Leavitt.
Other things we ate:
Homemade pizza (I totally over estimated how much dough to make. I quadrupled the recipe and it raised over and over in my fridge.)
Fresh pineapple
Cadbury eggs
Scrambled eggs with melted cheese
Apples and banana
Spiral baked ham
Mashed potatoes and gravy
String beans
Strawberry Shortcake
Fresh rolls
Scones (I had to use up the rest of that dough somehow!)

**Those who were here but not pictured: Terry, Melissa, Ariel (Brant's wife), and Alycia (Jodi's daughter). I don't know how we missed them.

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