Monday, April 5, 2010

A Couple More Activities...

I couldn't let Easter Sunday pass by without dying Easter eggs.
Everyone did at least three.
They were all so excited.
So fun!

After the Leavitt's came back from the conference session, we whipped up some baked ham (from OUR family Easter dinner) sandwiches. We got the eggs colored. Then, for dessert...MORE FOOD!! I fried up the leftover pizza dough and we ate scones with a great deal of butter and honey on it and, of course, with sprinkled icing sugar.

for breakfast, it was everyone's favorite: LUCKY CHARMS! As I was organizing everyone's bowls, spoons, and cups, Parker said "Aunt Tami. Do you know what I sometimes have in my cup at breakfast? Milk." Well, that's one way to get what you want!

So, before they all left, we made a trip to my prize closet (like a prize box, only bigger)
And...through the magic of me, Aunt Tami chose the 'perfect' going-away treasure.

Okay! Now I'm done with this weekend. I'm pretty sure you got the idea of how much I enjoyed myself!

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