Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going, going...gone!

One of my favorite activities at the reunion was the auction! I had no idea what kind a cash these things bring in! Wow! When Rhonda told me to "bring something for the auction" I thought, okay I'll take some of my homemade foot cream. That would be great. When I got to the reunion, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Those Canadians!! They never seem to disappoint. I'm not kidding. Here is a short list of a few items people (my silly relatives) brought to be auctioned off and what I *remember* them going for:
Scrapbook supplies, handmade jewelry...tons of stuff (Tansy I bought one of the necklaces for $5))
Hand crocheted blessing dress and bonnet (Brittney $30)
Giant garbage sized bag of movie popcorn (Tyler $10)
Coleman cooler full of pop (Chad $50)
Homemade aprons (Becky. I bought one for $3o. Darin bought 2 for $95)
Framed pictures of my mom and dad (Rhonda. $75)
Original lyrics to the "Coacha" song (by Vaughn and Joel...went for $45)
Several grab bags of my mom's stuff (Sarah put them together and they went between "free" and $20)
Rhonda sewed some gorgeous "church" bags ($20...I think)
Bows and headbands (Becky and Brittney...$15)
AND MORE! I'm drawing a blank. If you were there and can think of more things in the auction, will you PLEASE comment? Thanks.
Kid's rakes and shovels (Sarah)

Here are some lovely pictures from the activity. My brother Bruce was the auctioneer. Larry also helped but, he was so thorough that he went too slow and we had to replace him...sorry bro!

Bruce modeling MY apron.

Bruce showing that Rhonda's church bags could be used for more than
just carrying your scriptures to church...
feedbag anyone??

I cannot tell you how beautiful this apron is! I LOVED it
the very second that Becky brought it out for the auction table.
I set my sights on it and saved my allotted money to buy it.

I won it...$30!
The gathering is perfection.
There is even gathering around the green yoke at the top.

My niece Brandi showed up with Cory...her new boyfriend and MY
favorite non-relative at the party!!! I love him. I don't know why. I just do.
He is kind, generous, cute as a button...I could go on and on...but, that's another post.
I bring him up because, he bought the blessing dress (made by Brittany) for $30
he bought the VERY.LAST.DR.PEPPER in the place.

Larry showed up in his gigantic Elvis head.
He gave me that shirt.
It says: "Church Basketball: The only brawl that starts with prayer"

My beauties displaying the hole punches I bought for $10.
Erika has a crafting blog:
So, she needed them!

See...the whole set.

All in all, I only went $5.00 over my $40.00 pre-established amount at the auction. It was such a great event. Here's the BEST part: We generated $1075.oo. After all of the reunion expenses, we were able to put $537.00 in the bank for the next reunion.


Keri said...

I Loved the aution also! I look forward to the next one. The homemade gifts were my favorites...Loved the apron too! Looks very good on you. Kauri was scared to death of that big Elvis head. Now she just laughs at the pictures. Larry is so dang funny!

Mel said...

so fun! you are one hot lady in that apron!

Rachel said...

What a fun idea! I could see my family going bonkers over something like this!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the apron!!! You dun good.

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