Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apron number 1...It's Just Ducky!

As you may know, I teach 1st grade. I'm Mrs. Anderson and those little souls are my "ducklings". My classroom is everything duck. I have rubber ducks all over the place. I give them each a duck for their birthday. I even have an adorable, red, clawfooted, bathtub in my classroom where the "duckling of the week" gets to spend time reading and hanging out! I love it. I actually maintain another blog all about my experiences in the classroom throughout the year. You can find it at .

Which brings me to my first featured apron just like I promised. Every teacher knows how important pockets are! So, in thinking about my school apron, I knew I needed pockets. I needed ducks. I needed ruffles. And, I needed yellow. So, here you teacher apron for 2010-2011!

Look at those legs on that girl!
Thanks for modeling it Melissa Bee Bop Boop

I used the pattern for the Fruit Tart apron in the book A is For Apron.
Rather than putting bias tape around the outside, I put a large ruffle. I also added giant
ricrac above the pockets.
The original pattern had one big pocket but I needed more!!
So, I added some lines to make four pockets.
It is very cute IRL.

Pardon the blur...but, I kind of like it.


Rachel said...

Ya done good! I like it!! And I like the additions you made to the pattern. I agree, pockets are a necessity and I think large rick rack is just plain awesome. Rick rack was one of those things that never should have gone out. Glad it's back! And in an even bigger way!!

Richard & Natalie said...

So, so cute! I can't wait to see YOU in it.

Janett said...

You are so creative! That is adorable. Can't wait to see it on you.

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