Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tea For Two...apron #5 AND a Special Treat From My Boyfriend!

In one of my many internet searches for the perfect apron, I came across this one. It is made from two tea towels. The original apron instructions called for twill tape to be used for the neck piece and for the ties. I didn't like that so much. I decided to sew some longer ties out of some nice thick fabric I had on hand. I like long ties.

When I finished it and tried it on, I realized that this apron will be for someone tall...very tall. I probably should have measured a bit better to see where the waist would come on the tea towel. It's just a bit low for my body.

Good news though! Terry loves it and wants one "kind of like it but without all those frilly gathers around the top" to wear whilst doing his oil painting. I see a masculine apron in my near future!

***********STOP THE PRESSES!***********

The previous portion of this post was written before I took pictures of the apron so that I could just take the pictures when my daughters got here and I could post it quickly. Well...the daughters (for one reason or another) weren't able to come to our weekly Sunday dinner so, I had to resort to using my boyfriend (husband) Terry as a model.

I hope you find as much glee in the following conversation and subsequent photos as I did.

Me: Terry, you HAVE to help me out and wear this apron. I promise I'll crop your head out.
Him: NO WAY!
Me: (fluttering eyelashes) Please?? Please! Just this once.
Him: Okay but, I get to approve every single photo. Oh, and I get to bring a bat.
Me: A bat? Fine.

He then rolled up his sleeves and started posing with the bat. After looking at the photos on the computer the conversation went something like this:

Him: Let's do it again. I have a great idea.
Me: I've got what I need. It's fine.
Him: No! Really come outside.

He had one of his swords and scabbards and he was ready to roll. He even made one of his scabs on his arm bleed so he would look tougher! (I don't know whether to laugh or put him in the psych ward!)

He kept saying things like:
"I want one that makes my biceps look huge!"
"Should I wield this sword above my head or swing it around?"
"Does my face look tough?"

The killer was..."So, what apron are you making next??"


He's kind of cute though! Don't you think?


Natalie said...

Your boyfriend is hot! :)

Mel said...

has he been working out???


I LOVE this!!!

Unknown said...

he has a gladiator sword!

Abbie said...

hahahahaha!!! oh my gosh! i love that man! so so so funny. dad, you are the coolest! and now i think forrest needs an apron.

Abbie said...

ps - i always love your photos of the weekish

Richard & Natalie said...

So, incredibly funny!

Definitely your best model yet!

Oh, and I like the apron too.

Rachel said...

Your hubby is a riot! He has a gladiator sword!!


erika @ life unfluffed said...

bahahaha. I died.
I'm with Melissa. HAS he been working out? (he has a nice tan, too)

Ps. The Apron is rockin'

erika @ life unfluffed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melissa said...

lol...I love how he got so into it! Maybe he should be your model on a regular basis! However, your girls are cute too!

Sue said...

Wow, T's been hidin hotness under those jeans..

Adrianne said...

Wow, that made me laugh! Funny guy. He looks darling in that great apron.

The Nixons said...

LOVE this! Oh how I wish I could have know him.

Anonymous said...


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