Friday, February 25, 2011

The Story of My Bathtub

If you have ever been to my classroom, you know that I have a gorgeous, bright red, first grader-sized bathtub. It was quite the find. I used to have a second job (I still don't know how I lived through THREE years of working an additional four hours each night after teaching for six+ hours! But, that's a different post for another day) at Bath and Bodyworks. Every so often, we had to "purge the props" to make room for new props...and, I LOVED that part of the job.

Anyway, I had my eye on this tub for several months. I'd hint that I wanted to buy it. I set myself a budget that the most I would ever pay for it would be $100. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a brilliant red tub. The plastic (acrylic?) is about two inches thick. And the best part? It sits on four silver claw feet! I loved it. I mean, really loved it. And I wanted it. When the time came to finally get rid of it, my manager knew how badly I wanted it for my classroom. She told me it was mine...are you ready for this?...for $5.00!! Yes, just a fiver. I was ecstatic!

It has been sitting in my classroom ever since. I put a body pillow, another smaller bright pink pillow, my childhood Holly Hobbie doll, and an Arthur doll that speaks when you squeeze his tummy. Also, a couple of years ago, the grandma of one of my students made a little ABC blanket with crocheted edging especially for the tub. So cute.

Every week, I pick an aviator. You know, the STAR student. That student not only gets to sit in a special old fashioned desk, but can read in the tub and even do their math pages if they choose. This bathtub is BIG TIME for the children. And, I suppose for ME as well.

"Wake me up when the bell rings!"
(Yes, she really did say that.)


Rachel said...

Is it possible? Is she really asleep????????

Abbie said...

Can you be my teacher? Please?

I love this!

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