Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"THE" Baby Shower Of The Year

Remember my list from the last blog?    I am happy to tell you that I did 23/24 (plus a whole lot more) of the things on that list.  It was a busy Spring Break.  I COULD NOT have done it without this sweet little cleaning angel Alycia:

Don't you love this picture?? 
I do.
This is my niece, Jodi's, little girl Alycia.
I have never seen the cleaning likes of this little girl.  She cleaned every blind and washed every 
baseboard and banister in the house.
I love her.


On to the SHOWER!
(just so we're clear, I stole pretty much all of these photos from Erika's blog about said shower since I only had time to take a couple)

This was so much fun.
I tried something new.  I was worried it would backfire but, based on the number
of attendees (about 30) it worked just fine.
I didn't mail out any invitations, but, rather I created an event on 
FACEBOOK where I invited as many friends
and family, who had a Facebook account, that I could!
This is the future my friends.

So, if were wondering why you didn't get an invite, you are exactly right you didn't, and must NOT
have a Facebook account.  I apologized to those who didn't receive notification. 
However, I DID put the announcement in the last post
so...what am I even worried about?

Anyway...I now present a baby shower in photographs:

 I used my cupcake recipe I have now become famous for.  I got the recipe from my daughter Abbie.  They are always a hit.  The water bottles were adorable too.  I stripped them of their labels and made my own.  Each one said:  "Welcome Baby Eloise".  Erin provided the fruit bowl and vegetable tray.  My favorite treat was the last minute cotton candy I purchased.

On the left:  The guest favor...a cellophane bag with little candy pacifiers and a duck made out of
white chocolate! 
On the right:  The most adorable and delicious blue punch 
on which Melissa floated little rubber ducks.
I got the idea from here.
Look at that darling Melissa with Olivia, my little grand daughter.

As part of my gift for the mom-to-be, as well as partly for decoration,
I sewed this banner.
However, this picture was taken mid-creation. 
 (I don't have a finished photo! or a "GOOD" photo even!) 
I spelled out Eloise's name with one letter on each triangle, top-stitched around
each one, THEN I made my own bias tape (which looked amazing) to hold it all together.
Oh, and I made a little yo-yo to go between each triangle.
(I'll get a photo for a future post)
This was one of my favorite sewing projects ever because I just winged it without a pattern.
I also sewed a car seat canopy.
(Yet another photo I'll have to get in the future)

I put a flannel duck baby quilt on my quilting frames for 
the guests to tie.  Everyone put in at least one stitch.

 I also set up a craft with Erin's (she's on the left) help.  Guests were invited 
to create little hair bows for Eloise.
In this picture you'll see Erin (daughter-in-law), Erika (mommy-to-be), and Sarah (Erika's and my
good friend)

On the left are the most delicious cupcakes in the universe.
On the right:  My attempt at label making.
It says "Welcome Baby Eloise"

And here is the mommy of the hour. 
She looked so adorable that day.
I'm overly excited to get little Eloise safely here.

Thank you to everyone who came, sent best wishes, sent gifts etc.  I am constantly amazed by the generosity of my friends and family.


Rachel said...

I'm so glad it went well. I thought about you all day as we were busy cleaning and decorating over here!

Wish I could have come but couldn't miss my boys prom dinner so....... next time!!! :D

Cute stuff. Cutest baby shower I think ever! Love all of the ideas.

Keri said...

I am such a dork...I didn't realize we were suposed to make hairbows for Eloise and help tie the quilt. Sorry! I will make some cute bows for her and bring it down the next time I'm down. You did a wonderful job with Erikas shower! Loved the duck theme. Speaking of the "duckys" We just about put ours (party favor) in the tub! Kauri insisted on putting it in the bathtub with her. So as I was opening up the bag I noticed it didn't feel right. I soon realized it was chocotate! Kauri was VERY upset when I took a bit out of its head. Hee Hee! It was delicious!!

Abbie said...

Bah! I wish I could have been there!

It's looks like it was THE baby shower of the year!

Tami Anderson said...

I wanted you to be there too Abbie. We missed you.

Rachel, I looked at the pictures from prom...you are really amazing. What a great mother you are!

Keri, that is hysterical. I guess I just forgot to tell you about the little activities. Sorry. It was so wonderful to see you again. You are an amazing little niece of mine. I love how you treat Kauri. I love that little girl. She is so adorable. I had announced earlier, when most of the guests were there, that the favor ducks were white chocolate. Sorry, again, that I missed telling you. I love you.

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